Friday, February 4, 2011

A Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy this week for some friends of ours that are suffering. Two families that we are very close to are going through most likely the toughest time in each of their lives this week. Us and a few other couples met last night to pray specifically for each family.

God's word tells us in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them." I believe in this passage of scripture and love to pray for people as a group. God hears our prayers and I pray He heard our cries for these sweet, precious families last night.

Pat and Sarah Fries are one of the first couples that we met when we began to attend our church in Springdale. They took us right into their already large small group and made us feel welcome and loved. They love Jesus and love people. They have two sweet children, Lynlee and Owen.  This past Monday, Jan 31, Sarah was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her frontal lobe. She will be traveling to MD Anderson in the coming days for an operation. Sarah and Pat have been updating about her situation here.

Some of our favorite people, Rich and Renee also experienced tragedy this week. They found out that their precious baby boy that was due in March has gone to be with Jesus. You have never met a sweeter, more genuine couple than these folks. They both work with Adam and have become dear friends of ours. They have a sweet little princess named Sallie that is 2. My heart is so broken for this family. I have no idea what they are going through but I hope they know that many are mourning with them and praying for them.

Only God can comfort in times like these. Sure, I believe he puts people around to love on those going through trials, but only his love and mercy can take away the pain. I have no idea how people who do not have a relationship with Him make it through tragic circumstances like these. I am so blessed to know that both of these families are believers and will no doubt turn tragedy into triumph for our Savior.

Please pray for these families today.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eat This Not That, Winter Weather, and Girls Weekend!

This is one of mine and Adam's favorite meals.
chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, Sister Schubert rolls (YUM!)

Of course I'm doing WW and husband is not. He is enjoying delicious meals like this... while I am eating this instead...
Don't be jealous. And don't be fooled... it is NOT baby poo, but is V8 Squash soup. I LOVE squash... no luuuuuurve it! V8 Squash soup is not my fav.  It IS, however, only 5 WW points compared to the 15 points that is nuggets and mac. :)

WW is going ok. I'm not losing as rapidly as I did in college, but I also haven't exercised the last two weeks because of temps in the teens this week and the gym being closed due to inclement weather.  I weigh tomorrow so we shall see!

Speaking of frigid temps... it is seriously frigid. At first it was really pretty and fun that husband got to stay home one day. But going on day 3 it is getting old! The ice and snow is no where close to melting because temps haven't been above 20 degrees in 3 days. On top of that, we are supposed to get another light snow tomorrow and another storm on Sunday! I'm. Over. It. Wishing I had booked that work trip to Orlando like I had planned!

It snowed about 6" on Tuesday.
There was a snow wall formed at our back door!
I took this from our neighbor's front porch. The roads were completely covered with 1/2" ice then about 6" of snow on top. 3 days later, the only difference in this picture is the roof has less snow! Nothing else has melted and the roads are more compacted and slick!

In other news, we had a GREAT weekend! Husband returned from Boston and we had about 2 hours before 7 of my closest girlfriends from college showed up at our house for the weekend! We had such a full house Adam stayed at Ryan and Sarah's house for the night.  We try to all get together once a year in December, but last September 3 of my best friends were involved in a terrible car accident. One of our friends, Elizabeth suffered a traumatic brain injury and nearly lost her life. She spent weeks in the hospital and has continued recovering at home for the past 2 months. This weekend Elizabeth was able to join us for our belated "girls weekend!" It was such a fun time to all be together! It is so amazing to see what God is doing in her life! She is truly a medical miracle and it is only by God's grace that she is healed!
 Before dinner on Saturday night
 We all bought matching pjs!
 Delta Zeta Sisters
I love this sweet girl so much. She is a beautiful person and has a heart for people. She is passionate about Jesus and encourages me so much! Read her testimony here.

Hoping the snow melts enough where my MIL and FIL can make it up for the weekend! We LOVE it when we have visitors!