Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh, Hey September!

Well I blinked and its the middle of September.  How did that happen? There's been a whirlwind of events over the past several weeks/months and life just got in the way of this little blog!  I do miss documenting our life and hope to make some more time for it now that things seem to be slowing a bit.  We were home for TWO weekends this summer.  TWO.  We may have been in town a couple of more, but had guests staying overnight.  It was a busy summer, and a fun one, but I am glad to see fall arrive and my car parked in the garage a little more.

Probably our biggest life event of all?
Baby Fite #2 Coming Feb, 2015!
I'm 18 weeks as of today. Craziness!


It's a GIRL!  We couldn't be more excited to be parents to TWO girls.  Caroline will be a great big sister and I can't wait to see my girls (!!) be best friends!