Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Since Adam and I have been married (a whopping 4 years) we have celebrated Easter in Fayetteville at our church.  His parents joined us the last 2 years and we decided since we spent Christmas and Thanksgiving "at home" that they could join us here for Easter.  Since I hosted a shower for my bestie/Adam's cousin Jessica in Benton on Saturday night, we decided to go to Benton for Easter.

We took off Thursday and Friday and headed a little early so my parents could keep Caroline on Thursday night while we slept in at Adam's parents on Friday and had a "date day." We slept in, I got a facial, A a haircut, and we ate lunch, and shopped in Little Rock.  A ran her first fever ever and we headed back a little early since she wasn't feeling well. I think it may be due to her teething but she has yet to cut any teeth. She was very fussy the rest of the night.  It broke my heart to know she didn't feel well and there was nothing I could do!  Except for that, I had a fantastic day with Caroline's dad and we got some much needed alone time.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day getting ready for a couples shower that I hosted with my best friends from high school for Clark and Jessica.  More on that later.  We had the BEST time and I always laugh so hard when I am around them.  Caroline felt better on Saturday and enjoyed hanging out with Joodge and Baba who just returned from seeing Adam's sister and her family overseas.

Easter was cold and rainy... which is actually like most Easter Sunday's that I can remember! We didn't let that detour us from praising our Risen Lord and King! I cried on almost every song sang at church!  Church was so packed that we had to split up and Baba and I sat with C. We of course were late (surprise!) and got stuck in the middle of a crowded row.  C got restless as soon as her bottle was gone about 10 minutes into the service so I had no choice but to let her watch Little Einstein on my phone (sound was off.) MOM. OF. THE. YEAR.  I wanted to take her to the nursery but the grands wouldn't hear of it!






We had such a wonderful time with our friends and family this weekend and we are thankful for a Risen Savior!