Friday, December 23, 2011

13 Years and Counting

I have 4 BFF's from "middle school" that I still talk to on a weekly basis.  These girls are what you call lifetime best friends! I say "middle school" with a hint of sarcasm since out of the 4, only 2 of them actually went to my public school. The other two were weirdos and went to private school/were home schooled. (I kid- though I often remind these 2 that if it weren't for B, Meg, and I they WOULD be frizzy- haired weirdos.)
Megan, Kori, me, Jessica, and Brittany

The girls all came to Fayetteville this year for our annual Christmas party. I was so excited to host since we all hadn't been together at my house since we moved in over a year ago.  With everyone so far apart, it was a real feat to get together... we usually set the date in the summertime of each year! We have gotten together EVERY year for 13 years for a Christmas party. THIRTEEN YEARS... we are only 25. I'm pretty sure that's some kind of record!

I was unsure what we would do all weekend... but luckily the new Crystal Rivers Museum had just opened up in Bentonville. It did not disappoint! It has some of the neatest architecture I have ever seen and contains some of the most rare American Art in existence. To top it all off... the cost is FREE.99!!! There sure aren't a lot of things that are free these days... but I am sure thankful to Alice Walton and WalMart for this gem.
 All of us at Crystal Rivers
A Norman Rockwell piece (one of the few artists I knew of! Ha!)

After a day of museum-ing and shopping we headed back to my house for dinner. I cooked a delicious Spaghetti Carbanera recipe that my friend Amy gave me.
Look ma! I even set the table like a grown up!

After dinner we opened presents and then made t-shirt scarves (Pinterest find!). I was so proud that we had a great girls weekend that really didn't cost any of us much money. We ate in, took advantage of free stuff in town, and did a low cost craft that turned out great.  Plus- since the 5 of us don't get together often there is plenty of conversation that takes place that provides a lot of free entertainment!
Kori working on her t-shirt scarf
The finished products!
We draw names and Meg had my name. She outdid herself- but my fav gift was this wreath that she made herself! She was so thoughtful to use the exact colors of my living room. I luuurve this wreath and feel so special that she made it just for me.

I feel so lucky to have each of these ladies in my life! We love each other a lot- we must to have stuck together this long. I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition of getting together for an annual Christmas party every year.  Next year there will be our first niece/nephew running around since Kori is pregnant!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warehouse Sale! is one of my favorite places to purchase Melissa & Doug toys, Dr. Brown bottles, Moby wraps, Bugaboo, BOB, Medela, Jazzy toes and basically all things baby! (For baby gifts of course, NOT for me. c: )  December 1st- 3rd Acumen Brands, the owners of The Baby Habit and many other stores like,,, and is hosting a HUGE warehouse sale! They seriously have some great deals and merchandise is being sold at up to 50% off!

Visit this facebook page for more details!!/events/274552595920775/

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY Mesh Wreath

My sweet friend, Nicole hosted a "Deco Mesh Wreath-Making Party" this past Sunday at her house. Nicole is one of my favorite people. She has the purest heart and is a wonderful person all- around. She is also extremely talented and crafty. I was so excited when she decided to have several girls over to share her crafting secrets!

These mesh wreaths sell for more than $50 and the really big/ornamental ones are $100 or more! I tried to make one last year but it was just ok. I LOVE this one and cant wait to make a couple more for the windows in the front of the house. I will be able to make 3 of these wreaths for $50!

I'm not ready just yet to decorate for Christmas. Sarah already has her trees up and we have a neighbor that has their Christmas lights on the house! I think I will decorate the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Normally I like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving- but we're going to be gone SO much this holiday season and I'm going to want to take everything down before we go to Malaysia. I want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible... but until then I'm going to enjoy my mums and fall wreath for at least another week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Lashlee

Two of our favorite people got married this past weekend, Jeremy and Leeanne!  Jeremy and Adam happen to be distant cousins and Jeremy's sister Jessica and I have been BFF since the 6th grade. Jeremy just got to be friends with me by default. :)
 The beautiful bride and I
Jessica and I.

 Me & my handsome date, Mr. Fite

mom, Meme, and dad also came to the party.
My beautiful friends!
me, Jessica, Stephanie and Brittany
Congratulations Jeremy & Leeanne! We were glad to be a part of your special day!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

National Championship Bound?!

This past Saturday, the Hogs beat Tennessee giving us only one loss for the season (Alabama.) This coming Saturday the Hogs face Mississippi State in Little Rock, then the day after Thanksgiving take on #1 LSU in Baton Rouge. It is possible that the Hogs could compete in the National Championship should we beat LSU!! Win or lose, it's been an amazing season and we have had SO much fun attending (almost) every home game. (Since we love J&L so much, we skipped out on the last home game of the season to attend their wedding. c: )

I finally got some pics of the whole gang during the S. Carolina game. We had another great weekend in Fayetteville with both sets of parents in town for the game... even Uncle Ted came to call the Hogs for the very first time!

 The Richardson Clan
 Our Regular Tailgate Crew (ok we didnt really tailgate... but next year we're going all out!)
Baby brother and me
Jessica, Elizabeth, and Becca were in town for the game and we met up
 Liz sat with us up in the "cloud section." It was SO windy!!
Baba and I. Go Hogs!

Dad and Uncle Ted. I'm pretty sure I caught them doing the Hog call!

I can't tell you the scores of all the games, but I can tell you that I've had SO much fun and I'm so glad that Adam talked me into season tickets! We've loved having our families in town for every game and making memories together. I'm looking forward to the last couple of games and hopefully a National Championship Title!
WoOoOo Pig Sooie!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

UCA Homecoming

This past weekend, Jessica, Brittany and I traveled from NWA to Conway for UCA's homecoming. I had only been back once since I graduated in 2008, and not many of my friends went. This year, several girls from my pledge class went and we had a great time!
 Me and my grand and great grand little sis
 My favorite Spring 06'ers. (Minus a few!)
Jessica, Becca, Liz, Courtney, me, Britney, Tyler, and Juliana
 Lizzybeth and I at Gusanos
 Some Delta Zeta's with our favorite DZ Gentleman- Derick!
My college besties outside the Delta Zeta room after the annual Alumni Tea
 We all stayed at Liz's parents house while they were out of town. After a fun day of tailgating, we gussied up and went for Sushi before the UCA Alumni party that night.
Brit and her Sushi!
We had such a great weekend! I'm so thankful for these girls. Im also thankful that I went to UCA and pledged Delta Zeta. Weekends like this one just remind me what a great decision that was. I have so many college memories with my sorority sisters and we are still making memories together years later!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday. Becca!

This weekend, several of my college friends came to NWA for the weekend. The occasion was Becca's birthday and we enjoyed an excuse to get together! We ate out a lot, shopped a little, and just enjoyed being around each other. I am so thankful for good friends!
 Ms. Parsley and I before going out Friday night.
 Elizabeth, Becca, me, Lauren, and Sara
Becca and her cake with only 24 candles- I refused to buy 2 packs for 1 more candle. :)

On Sunday, I had the girls to my house and we celebrated Bec's birthday. I made chicken salad, salad, and black bean salsa. I decided to bust out the China. I have only used it twice since Adam and I have been married- once on our anniversary and once with his parents for Easter. I decided that today was as good a day as any so we pretended to be fancy. :) Eliz picked up a strawberry birthday cake from Stoby's in Conway and brought it. It. Was. Delicious.

It was a great weekend! I'm looking forward to UCA's homecoming the last weekend of this month when we're all together again.

Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Things I love Friday

Lee is doing well, he is still at Baptist Rehab Institute. We are hoping that he will get to come home by the middle of next week.  I'm excited to go to Benton next Friday and "Lee-sit" while my mom goes to California to see her sister.

It's been a rough week- but God is good. Sometimes it's hard to see how wonderful His grace really is. I can remember getting up early one day and thinking... "I can't do this today." The thing was... I couldn't... but through Him I can do all things! I prayed God would give me the strength and He did.

On a much lighter note... there are some things I am loving right now...
1. My Daniel Bible Study- by Beth Moore
Daniel: Lives of Integrity Words of Prophecy,  Member Book
A group of about 13 ladies meets at my house on Thursday nights at 7. It's a 13 week study and we just finished the 6th week. The book of Daniel is amazing! It's full of life application as well as prophesy of end time events.

2. PiYo Class
Adam and I joined a gym a couple of months ago. We've both been doing great about being in the gym 3-4 days a week. I love to go to the classes and one of my favorites is Piyo. It's a mix between Pilates and Yoga.

3. Shellac polish

I love this polish! I've had my current color on for 2.5 weeks! Other than my nails growing out a little, the polish looks great and isn't chipped or dull one bit!

4. My new fall boots from Bakers. Luuuurve! It's finally fall yall!
5. This new boutique opened up in Rogers recently and they have the cutest stuff! They have clothes as well as gifts. The store has Christian owners and supports many philanthropic products in their store like TOMS shoes and scarves handmade by women in Africa that when you buy the bulk of the proceeds go directly back to them.

I know that most of these things are superficial, but I'm so thankful that God gives us things in life to enjoy!

Happy Friday and Happy Fall!

Monday, October 10, 2011

God is Good

On Wednesday, October 5th my sweet baby brother (who is 19- but still a baby) was in a car wreck less than 2 miles from my parent's house in Benton. He swerved to miss a car that was in his lane, and wrapped his truck around a tree. He is not lucky- but BLESSED to be alive and is recovering from a bruised spinal cord. Thankfully, no bones were broken and there was no head injury. He was med-flighted to UAMS and remains in the hospital.
Lee's truck. The window had to be busted out for them to get to him.

Lee is going to be ok. He will do therapy for the next few days before they release him to go home. We are so overwhelmed by God's grace and the wonderful people that He has put into our lives. My parent's friends and Lee's have been at the hospital all week. It's such a wonderful thing to know that people love your family and are praying for his recovery.

I thankfully have a job that is flexible and allows me to work remotely so I have been Lee- sitting for the last 2 days so that my parents can rest at home and start getting back to work. We've had wheelchair races, watched the Cards win, Rangers win, then Cards win again. We've talked a lot about life and reminisced about the "olden days" when we were kids. For being 6 years apart, we're extremely close. I love him SO much and I am so thankful for the time we've had together the last couple of days.

 People have brought all kinds of goodies to the hospital. A good family friends put together a basket with wrestling magazines, candy, and some "squeezies" so that Lee could keep up his upper body strength. It was kind of a joke... but Lee really liked them!
We love each other.

Wednesday night, before my mom called around midnight- we had just gone to bed and had been at small group Bible study. This week at church we have been talking about Matthew 6- specifically about worrying. vs.33-34 says that God will provide for our every need. It also says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I won't lie, when I got that phone call- I was worried. Adam and I prayed a lot that night and these verses were fresh on our mind. God has provided for our family this week and even if things had not gone as well as they have- I can trust that God's will is perfect. Everything- in time would have been ok had things been truly tragic if they were part of God's plan. I am giving Him praise for answering prayer and I am asking Him to help me not to worry and instead put my total faith and trust in Him!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

WoOoOo Pig Sooie!

Its the most wonderful time of the year... Razorback football season! We became ticket holders for the first time this year and even talked both sets of parents into getting tickets too! We are halfway through the season and have been having a blast with them every weekend. They take turns staying at our house- and the other gets a hotel. Here are some pics from the last 3 games.
Husband and I before the Missouri State. WIN!

Friday night before Troy, dinner @ Common Grounds. YUM!
 Sunday after the Troy game we had brunch at Ella's.

 Hogs vs. Troy- WIN! It was freezing!
 Judge and Baba at the Auburn game. WIN!!!!
I wasn't really a Hog fan until husband and I started dating. We liked the Hogs, but didn't go to games and I don't remember ever owning a Razorback shirt or anything. Adam took me to my first Hog game when we were in college. Last year, we attended all of the games basically for free since he was a graduate student. This year- he begged to get season tickets... and I gave in. :) Notice we are pretty high up... in fact, you can't get much higher! But- we are in that stadium! It's been a blast having our families with us too.

The Hogs are #10 in the country! Sadly, we lost to Alabama a couple of weeks ago- but were still cheering! And I guarantee you my man is praying for a National Championship! We can dream, right?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend in Waco

One of my childhood best friends, Megan moved to Waco, Texas after getting married last April. Several months ago (6+) 5 of us girls and Megan's husband, Nick started planning a surprise birthday party for her. That weekend finally came this past weekend when the 5 of us loaded up and drove 7 hours (I drove 10!) to surprise her for dinner. She seriously had no idea. It was the sweetest thing!
Here is a video I took on my phone when she walked in. I sound like a 4-toothed hag from the depths of Mississippi. Brittany sounds like a cackling witch! This video makes me teary-eyed though- Megan was SO surprised!
We had the BEST weekend. I seriously love these girls SO much. We have all been best friends since the 6th GRADE!!! Can you believe that?? We were inseparable in high school, all went to different colleges, and now live between 2 states- all but 2 several hours apart. We talk or text weekly and pray for each other daily. It's rare that we are all together, and in fact it has been over 9 months- last Christmas that we were all together. Sweet Megan has had a tough time adjusting to a new city where she knew NO ONE. She has the cutest house and coolest job and I'm so glad I finally got to visit her!
What is amazing to me about our friendships- is that we literally can pick up right where we left off. We also don't have to be entertained. We always have plenty to talk about and spent many hours on Meg's back porch talking about life (and reminiscing about the occasional high school shenanigan we participated in.) We did some shopping on Saturday, then ventured out for a field trip to the site of the Branch-Davidians compound in Waco. It was super creepy, but the history and story was very interesting. There isn't much to do in Waco so we had to get creative!
One of the porch convos- me explaining that I have man hands. My ring in the middle, Megan and Kori's rings wont fit past my knuckles. :)
Jessica, me, Britt, Meg, Kori, and Tiffany
I love these girls so much! We are having our annual Christmas party in Fayetteville this year and I can hardly wait to see these girls again!