Friday, August 30, 2013

I. Husband is headed home today! He's been in San Francisco all week for work and they missed their connection and didn't make it home last night as planned. They made it back to town, but then he had to go straight to work because its a VERY big day for his company! We sure missed him while he was gone.

II. It's a big day for his company, Acumen Brands, because they are opening their flagship retail store, Country Outfitter on the Fayetteville Square.

III. . I'd be a silly person if I didn't mention the start of college football season. We are blessed to live in a great college town and whether attending the games or not, the energy is electric in Fayetteville! There's a new Head Hog and lots of fans praying to the football gods that this year is better than the last. I am definitely looking forward to Callin' the Hogs on Saturday... despite the 100 degree temp prediction.

IV. One of my favorite apps: My Fitness Pal. A free app to track calories and exercise. You put in your target weight or to maintain your current weight and track. I've done it before but I'm really trying to stick with it this time. I've got a couple of friends doing it with me and we cheer each other on.

V. C's birthday is fast approaching! I can't believe she's almost one and I'm getting very excited about planning her first birthday party!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scheduled Baby- 10 months


We get told a lot that Caroline is a very happy baby. Its true that she rarely cries and she smiles and laughs a lot. She is very "go with the flow" and is a great sleeper and eater.  I think that there is truth to some babies being more mild tempered than others, but I know for us, Caroline is much easier to care for and more fun to be around when she is on a schedule.

Since we got home from the hospital, we really tried to go 3 hours in between feedings and 4 hours at night. We would try everything to calm her down if she was upset before feeding her if it wasn't time for her to eat. We didn't always go three hours, but we only fed her when we had tried everything else (swaddling, bouncing, swinging, paci etc.)  At about 4 weeks, she was on a pretty consistent schedule. I started waking her up at the same time every day (6 am) and feeding her, no matter what time she had eaten last. For example.... even if she had woken up at 4 am and nursed, I woke her up again at 6 to eat again.  Waking her up at the same day helped her (and me) to transition into more of a set schedule. Eventually, when she woke up in the middle of the night, I would try just giving her the paci or rocking her for a bit. Of course I fed her if I thought she was hungry, but eventually she started sleeping through the night.
Now that she is 10 months old, we are a little more lax on the schedule, yet stick to it pretty closely for the most part. It has changed within the last month and I wanted to document it here for future reference.

7:30- 8:00 am- wake up and eat (7.5 ounces and breakfast... usually smooshed (that's a real word ya know) or sliced banana
9:00 am- nap
11:00 am bottle (7.5 ounces) and lunch- (usually cut up fruit or veggie and puffs)
1:30- bottle (7.5 oz)
2:00- afternoon nap (usually until 4)
4:00-4:30- bottle (whenever she wakes up)
7:00- dinner (usually cut up veggie, fruit, or tidbits of what we are eating)
7:30- bath, read, get ready for bed
8:00- bottle (7.5 oz)

*she eats almost no pureed food anymore and is doing really well with picking up cut up fruits and veggies. I will not make any more pureed food except for a few things to use for travel.
*she doesn't sleep past 8. Trust me, there have been LOTS of times that I have wanted to let her sleep, but I know that it will mess up our whole day. I did let her sleep until 9 last Thursday, and she was fussy until nap time, and then didn't take a great afternoon nap! I have learned that sleep induces sleep (for my child) and lack thereof means for a no- good napper. Most of the time she wakes up on her own around 7:00. She plays in her crib for a while, then we go get her about 7:30.
*It is true that C is at home most of the time for her naps in her crib. I think that helps. She has a sound machine and her room is dark.  She does nap at a friend's house in the afternoon 2 days a week, and she did not nap well at first. Once the room was darkened and a sleep machine was used, she's back to a 2 hour+ afternoon nap.
*She takes a paci and has a bunny lovie that she sleeps with. We don't leave home without them. :)
*Sundays are a rough day for us. She has to wake up for her morning nap early to make it to church on time. She's in the nursery for 2 hours and is exhausted by the time we leave. She goes down for her afternoon nap earlier (about noon or 12:30) and sleeps until 3 or so.

The schedule may not be for everyone, but its been a lifesaver for us. I also realize that if there is a "next" child, it may not work for them. But, I definitely want to have a record of what we were up to schedule- wise at 10 months. Ill also probably love to think back on this post next month when she'll decide to stop being cute and sweet and not sleep. :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lake Weekend and Julianna's Baby Shower

This past weekend some of my pledge sisters and I got together at Lake Hamilton for a girls weekend. We try and get together a couple of times a year and we always have a great time. One of the girls has a condo on the lake and we had a super fun and relaxing weekend together!
Me and Lizzie. I laughed that we had the same suit... mine was the mom 1 piece version.

We ate and laughed a lot.

As if the lake wasn't enough fun, we hosted a baby shower on Sunday for another pledge sister.  Julianna is welcoming baby Harrison in 5 weeks or less. We had a baseball themed shower to celebrate.

The cake was my favorite part! It was from Harps!

The hostesses with the Guest of Honor

Delta Zeta Spring 06!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TEN Months

Little Miss is TEN months old.

Monthly pictures are getting more difficult. Caroline took off this sticker about ten times before I finally got a shot with it on.  She prefers to eat it than to wear it. :)


~ We are finally crawling! She started army crawling on Aug 4th and really got the hang of it by the next day. She hasn't stopped since and life is very different now.
~ the week before crawling, she got two teeth just a couple of days apart. She really didn't seem too affected.
~ Caroline fed her self for the first time last weekend. She had spaghetti and peaches.
~ Still wearing size 2 diapers
~ Still eating 7 ounces a day, 5 times a day with 3 meals
~ She gives kisses, high fives, waves bye bye, claps, and loves to scream.
~ She chews on her crib, plays in Gus's water bowl, and gets into everything. She is very mischievous. She has starting hearing the word "no"
~ She goes to most people without fussing, but she really loves her grand parents and Becca, her nanny
~ She takes 2 naps a day- 9 am for 1 hour and 1:30 for 2-3 hours. She sleeps from 8:00 pm to 7:30 am. Girl likes her sleep!
~ The spit up has all but quit! I finally feel like I can pack away the burp cloths and bibs!
~ C continues to be one of the happiest babies. She brings us such joy!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer, Please Dont Go!

It's been a wonderful summer. The weather has been great. We've spent lots of time outside. We've taken some weekend trips, but have mostly stayed closed to home. I started a new job that I love and it allows me to be at home working 2 days a week while someone helps with C. Even though summer coming to a close doesn't mean all that much as far as going back to school or work since that doesn't really apply to it, I am still sad to see August come. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last 12 weeks or so...

Stay a little while longer, summer!

Richardson Family Reunion

A few weekends ago we traveled to Lindon Tennessee for the Richardson Family Reunion.  I was a little girl the last time we had a reunion, but it was neat to go and take C.  Adam wasn't able to come because of work, and we sure missed him! I worked in Jonesboro for a couple of days while my parents kept C, then we all met up in Memphis to carpool to Lindon, which is in between Memphis and Nashville.  My cousin and her kids, my 2 uncles and aunt all went as well. We had a great time together.

We can't wait until next time!

Friday, August 2, 2013

1. My good friend Kaitlyn is keeping Caroline and Carson this summer. She is wonderful and I'm so blessed that she loves my girl!
2. I'm loving my Keurig. We got it back in the Spring but I am just really loving it. It also prevents me from drinking 10 cups of coffee a day... even though some days I REALLY want to.
3. Our Library. We have a great library. I've been going there to work some during the week, but I've also been taking C to "Baby Bookworms" once a week.  She loves it and so do I!
(Here we are with our buddy D)
4. Cucumber Salad.  I've been eating this all summer.  I usually make a big bunch of it on the weekend and eat on it all week.  It's so easy to make and its delicious and healthy.
5. Adam wanted this "dumb" speaker for his birthday. I think I enjoy it more than he does! Especially out on our deck where we've spent much of our time this summer.