Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kori's Gender Reveal

If the 13 of you read regularly, you know that my 5 BFF's from High School are still inseperable.  Recently, we heard about a tiny human growing inside of Kori's belly and were all thrilled when the time came to find out the sex of said human. Because I feel that as bridesmaids we didn't do the most fabulous job during Kori's wedding... (She was the first to get married, we were all in college and had zero dollars to do anything cool) we vowed to throw her the best Gender Reveal and Baby Shower that a girl could hope for- and that we did!

On Saturday us "girls" hosted a Razorback Themed (duh) Gender Reveal Shower for Kori and Chad. We invited all of their family and close friends. Here are a few pics from the night:
 The Hostess' with the Mostest (plus Meg- she joined us via Skype)

 Guests who thought the baby was a boy wore eye black... for a girl you grabbed a pom-pom
 The cupcakes I made (with help from Mrs. Ally Owens)
 the FOOD
 Kori is super crafty and created adorable "scratch- off" tickets to reveal the gender of their baby. I love this picture of Kori and her g-pa after he scratched off and realized that he was one of few that got the gender correct....
 Kori's mom, Mrs. Candy informing Saline County that...
It's a GIRL!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Goalz

I don't do New Years Resolutions. Rather, I like making goals for the next year. I do believe in goal setting because without goals, we tend to just float through life.  I also didn't do a good job in January on my goals- so I'm starting fresh today- February 1.  That's the great thing about goals... if you get off track... just start again! I feel like resolutions- once broken are forgotten forever.

So- to hold myself accountable... here are some goals I've set for myself for 2012.

So far so good! Another goal I have is to cook more (at least 3 days/week) and to really be intentional about planning meals and sticking to a list at the grocery store. I HAVE been doing good with this so far this year.  I found a great grocery list HERE that I LOVE and it's been really helpful in organizing myself before I go to the store. (It also has an adorable Chevron print that makes shopping fun, ha!)This compared with shopping at our new Neighborhood Market that opened up down the street means that I can get grocery shopping done in 30 minutes or less!

I have never considered myself to be a good cook- but I am committing to give it a good try. I really WANT to cook. It's healthier, cheaper, and makes me feel good when it turns out right. Like most things, cooking means planning meals weekly and keeping it easy, yet interesting. I get frustrated with most cookbooks. Many of them call for weird ingredients or have too many steps. I have found a couple of blogs that I really enjoy. My favorite foodie blog is written by Amy James.  Amy cooks delicious healthy meals that are also practical for everyday (hence the name!) She's also a Fayetteville native and happens to be Adam's boss' wife. :)

Here are a couple of things from Amy's blog that I have cooked in the last week. They both turned out DELICIOUS and were SO EASY!
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Penne with White Beans and Spinach

Also not listed in the collage is my desire to blog. I know I already do this, but I'm not as consistent as I would like to be. I'm not saying that I'm going to blog every day or even every week, but I would like to do a better job of documenting our life.

Here's to 2012 New Year's Resolutions Goals that are officially beginning on February 1st!