Saturday, March 29, 2014

Working Mom: A Career Update

This past week I worked in central Arkansas. I hate being away from home, but thankful for our families who can help take care of Caroline while I work so I can take her with me! We missed Adam, but thankful we don't have to travel overnight for that long too often.

Sherri and my mom both got to spend time with Caroline and I know they loved it as much as she did. Sherri sent me this pic one morning. Can you say cheeser?! Notice the swollen eye... I had put C in bed with me because she kept crying in her crib and she fell out of the bed in the middle of the night. She was ok thankfully and the swelling went down. 
C rode dad's tractor and got to visit Joodge at work on his birthday. She LOVES her grandparents and wants nothing to do with us when they are around!
Friday before leaving for NWA we all had lunch together. I'm so thankful our parents have a good relationship and don't mind sharing C. She was in grandparent Heaven!

I am SO thankful for my job. I actually changed companies a year ago this month. Basically, when I came back from my maternity leave in January of last year, my old company didn't follow through on some things and also wanted to increase my travel. Since I was a new mom additional travel was not an option... The goal was LESS travel! Unfortunately it was time to part ways with my old employer. I hated it since overall I had a very good experience there and they did a lot for me including letting me work from home when we moved to Fayetteville. I had many friends there and did well in my career. The Lord provided the perfect opportunity and called me to take a step of faith. A competitor called at just the right time and knew my first priorty was being a mom. I was very hesitant about the change and can't imagine what would be if We hadn't trusted God! He was/is so faithful!

The change has been on the down low for the last year. Since I did go to a competitor, I had a contract in place that I have adhered to. Things actually got a little ugly once the old company found out where I'd gone but again God was faithful. My new employer has taken such good care of me even though it wasn't convienent for them. My contract is up very soon and I'm looking forward to going full speed ahead! ... And thankful I can do so as a mom and wife first. 

Happy Birthday Miller!

Last night we attended the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation's 3rd annual fundraiser. This party, held on Miller's birthday is a fund raiser for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which took Miller's life when he was only 87 days old. 

We heard of this family and prayed for them 3 years ago, but it wasn't until a couple from our home church went through the same horrifying disease with their daughter Briley Faith.

 I was pregnant the same time as Crystal and Briley was born just five days before Caroline. Briley went to Heaven when she was just two months old. She never even left the hospital. We mourned for the Turners. We were so sad for them, and felt very connected to them even though we had never really hung out and had only met a few times. SMA is the number one genetic killer of infants. There is no cure. It could have easily been us. 
Crystal and Josh invited us to Miller's party with them and we were so honored to join. We have been so encouraged by the Turner's faith and hope they have in Jesus. 

We took the Turners to our favorite brunch spot this morning and showed them some of our favorite spots in Fayetteville. They loved on sweet Caroline and my heart hurt thinking of their angel in Heaven that wasn't beside Caroline at the table or running around the store with her. 
We love this couple and look forward to celebrating Miller, Briley, and the strides that are being made in SMA research. 

Happy Birthday Miller!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The perfect Saturday

Today was my idea of a perfect Saturday...

-mini slept until NINE am.
- Beautiful weather that requires time outside 
- delicious breakfast at local coffee shop {Arsagas on Dickson... Possibly the best breakfast I have ever had.}
- light shopping at local boutique {yes we have matching scarves!}

- letting C run around on Old Main lawn 

- yard work/cleaned garage while C napped
- grilled hamburgers with friends

I love this cute town we live in and I love doing life with my people! I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and hoping for more perfect Saturdays like today.