Monday, March 5, 2012

Me and My DIY Guy

Pretty wood floors.

Yep. Me and Adam are DIY-ers. Tis' true. We just redid our kitchen and it's pretty fabulous. We definitely had some help from our more experienced "DIY Dads," but they more or less supervised while we Adam did the work. I, of course, was the visionary for this project.

Here are pictures of our kitchen before our little project...

Not terrible by any means... but the cherry cabinets didn't suit me. I've been drooling over "white kitchens" on pinterest. This was my inspiration pic:

Pretty wood floors.Isn't it beautiful? Minus a few last details (flower arrangement, drapes, bar stools, and new rug) we are finished! Hey- I'm just glad we wrapped this one up in a few weekends. Normally I never finish really finish projects. I'm looking for the perfect finishing touches and that takes time.  I'm excited to share the mostly- finished, new and improved Fite-house kitchen!
First, we paid to have the cabinets painted.  The color is "Alabaster White" by Benjamin Moore. We also changed all of the hardware to a beautiful bronze that matches the rest of the fixtures in the house.
Next, Adam, with the help of my dad and uncle, tiled our back splash.  The tiles are "tumbled marble 4x6" from Lowe's.
Phil- the supervisor.
Next, Adam and his dad installed this beautiful white cast iron sink complete with new bronze faucet! I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!  The old, stainless sink was just fine of course- but the white sink just completes the whole kitchen. Not to mention the water pressure is MUCH better in the new faucet.
We really wanted to do "real" under cabinet lighting, but we simply did not have time and because our cabinets don't really have a significant overhang on the bottom, lights would be visible from underneath. To achieve the look, we instead used battery operated puck lights that we picked up from Lowe's for around $15 a piece. The lights are great (don't tell my dad that though... I told him it was a dumb idea.) They provide great lighting and really adds a lot to the look of our kitchen.

I'm really happy with our project. It turned out exactly how I wanted and we stayed on budget. I'm looking forward to finding a few more things to complete this room so that I can move on to my next project!