Friday, December 23, 2011

13 Years and Counting

I have 4 BFF's from "middle school" that I still talk to on a weekly basis.  These girls are what you call lifetime best friends! I say "middle school" with a hint of sarcasm since out of the 4, only 2 of them actually went to my public school. The other two were weirdos and went to private school/were home schooled. (I kid- though I often remind these 2 that if it weren't for B, Meg, and I they WOULD be frizzy- haired weirdos.)
Megan, Kori, me, Jessica, and Brittany

The girls all came to Fayetteville this year for our annual Christmas party. I was so excited to host since we all hadn't been together at my house since we moved in over a year ago.  With everyone so far apart, it was a real feat to get together... we usually set the date in the summertime of each year! We have gotten together EVERY year for 13 years for a Christmas party. THIRTEEN YEARS... we are only 25. I'm pretty sure that's some kind of record!

I was unsure what we would do all weekend... but luckily the new Crystal Rivers Museum had just opened up in Bentonville. It did not disappoint! It has some of the neatest architecture I have ever seen and contains some of the most rare American Art in existence. To top it all off... the cost is FREE.99!!! There sure aren't a lot of things that are free these days... but I am sure thankful to Alice Walton and WalMart for this gem.
 All of us at Crystal Rivers
A Norman Rockwell piece (one of the few artists I knew of! Ha!)

After a day of museum-ing and shopping we headed back to my house for dinner. I cooked a delicious Spaghetti Carbanera recipe that my friend Amy gave me.
Look ma! I even set the table like a grown up!

After dinner we opened presents and then made t-shirt scarves (Pinterest find!). I was so proud that we had a great girls weekend that really didn't cost any of us much money. We ate in, took advantage of free stuff in town, and did a low cost craft that turned out great.  Plus- since the 5 of us don't get together often there is plenty of conversation that takes place that provides a lot of free entertainment!
Kori working on her t-shirt scarf
The finished products!
We draw names and Meg had my name. She outdid herself- but my fav gift was this wreath that she made herself! She was so thoughtful to use the exact colors of my living room. I luuurve this wreath and feel so special that she made it just for me.

I feel so lucky to have each of these ladies in my life! We love each other a lot- we must to have stuck together this long. I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition of getting together for an annual Christmas party every year.  Next year there will be our first niece/nephew running around since Kori is pregnant!