Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kori's Gender Reveal

If the 13 of you read regularly, you know that my 5 BFF's from High School are still inseperable.  Recently, we heard about a tiny human growing inside of Kori's belly and were all thrilled when the time came to find out the sex of said human. Because I feel that as bridesmaids we didn't do the most fabulous job during Kori's wedding... (She was the first to get married, we were all in college and had zero dollars to do anything cool) we vowed to throw her the best Gender Reveal and Baby Shower that a girl could hope for- and that we did!

On Saturday us "girls" hosted a Razorback Themed (duh) Gender Reveal Shower for Kori and Chad. We invited all of their family and close friends. Here are a few pics from the night:
 The Hostess' with the Mostest (plus Meg- she joined us via Skype)

 Guests who thought the baby was a boy wore eye black... for a girl you grabbed a pom-pom
 The cupcakes I made (with help from Mrs. Ally Owens)
 the FOOD
 Kori is super crafty and created adorable "scratch- off" tickets to reveal the gender of their baby. I love this picture of Kori and her g-pa after he scratched off and realized that he was one of few that got the gender correct....
 Kori's mom, Mrs. Candy informing Saline County that...
It's a GIRL!

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