Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 Months

Yesterday we celebrated my baby's 5 month birthday!  It was the first beautiful Spring day and we spent lots of time outside working on the yard and then with a trip to Target. :)

We of course continued to take our monthly pictures and Caroline's little personality continues to come out!

- you had baby food (green beans) for the first time last week. Mommy made it herself and you LOVED it! You have also eaten sweet potatoes and apple sauce and loved it! 
- you have really found your voice and have started really babbling and even doing this screeching thing. 
- You still spit up, but it doesn't seem to be as bad since you started eating some solids
- You went to the nursery for the first time today. You did great, of course.
- You are so much fun and you are really getting a personality.  We love coming home to you each day and playing with you until we put you to bed at night.  You are so content and you don't cry unless you are tired. 
- We love you SO much.  Sometimes I honestly don't know how I will love you any more.  You bring us SUCH JOY!

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