Thursday, July 18, 2013

NINE Months of Cuteness

You are nine months old!
You are full of life and smile all the time.

You have beautiful blue eyes just like your dad. I think you are starting to look more and more like him.

~ You do not have any teeth
~ you are not crawling, but instead roll to get where you are going
~ You are down to 2 naps a day... a morning nap at 9 am for 1 hour and afternoon nap at 1:30 for at least 2 hours
~you eat 7 ounces and take 5 bottles a day. We feed you pureed food 3 times a day.
~You have started drinking out of a sippee cup
~ you sleep all night usually for 11 hours.
~ You still do not like to be rocked at night, and instead like to just be laid down in your crib.  Your dad and I often will got get you up out of bed after you're asleep to rock you. Its about the only time you are still.
~You wave bye bye
~ you give hi fives, kisses, and clap when we say "yay"
~ you say "mama" and "dada"  You started saying "mama" first, the day after you turned 8 months old
~ you blow raspberries, click your tongue, and smack your lips
~ you spit up less and less each month, but still seem to have to change clothes (as do I) about 3 times a day
~ I can hardly believe you've been with us for 9 months! I just scheduled your 1 year pictures which is nearly impossible to fathom

~ you LOVE your grandparents.  You are especially attached to your Cece right now. When she is around, you want nothing to do with anyone else... including me!
~Last week, you started going to your friend Carson's house three days a week.  Kaitlyn has been keeping you this summer and keeps you and Carson over there on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  It's been great because I get a lot of work done on those days without having to leave the house.
~I say it every month, but you are SO happy. I feel so blessed to be the mom of such a happy, easy baby!
Happy 9 months, baby girl!

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