Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend in Waco

One of my childhood best friends, Megan moved to Waco, Texas after getting married last April. Several months ago (6+) 5 of us girls and Megan's husband, Nick started planning a surprise birthday party for her. That weekend finally came this past weekend when the 5 of us loaded up and drove 7 hours (I drove 10!) to surprise her for dinner. She seriously had no idea. It was the sweetest thing!
Here is a video I took on my phone when she walked in. I sound like a 4-toothed hag from the depths of Mississippi. Brittany sounds like a cackling witch! This video makes me teary-eyed though- Megan was SO surprised!
We had the BEST weekend. I seriously love these girls SO much. We have all been best friends since the 6th GRADE!!! Can you believe that?? We were inseparable in high school, all went to different colleges, and now live between 2 states- all but 2 several hours apart. We talk or text weekly and pray for each other daily. It's rare that we are all together, and in fact it has been over 9 months- last Christmas that we were all together. Sweet Megan has had a tough time adjusting to a new city where she knew NO ONE. She has the cutest house and coolest job and I'm so glad I finally got to visit her!
What is amazing to me about our friendships- is that we literally can pick up right where we left off. We also don't have to be entertained. We always have plenty to talk about and spent many hours on Meg's back porch talking about life (and reminiscing about the occasional high school shenanigan we participated in.) We did some shopping on Saturday, then ventured out for a field trip to the site of the Branch-Davidians compound in Waco. It was super creepy, but the history and story was very interesting. There isn't much to do in Waco so we had to get creative!
One of the porch convos- me explaining that I have man hands. My ring in the middle, Megan and Kori's rings wont fit past my knuckles. :)
Jessica, me, Britt, Meg, Kori, and Tiffany
I love these girls so much! We are having our annual Christmas party in Fayetteville this year and I can hardly wait to see these girls again!

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