Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

We are blessed with such wonderful family and friends and could not WAIT to get to Benton to start celebrating Jesus' birth with our loved ones!  Unfortunately, 2 weeks before Christmas... I had begun having terrible headaches that did not seem to go away. Adam also contracted "The Great Acumen Stomach Bug of 2011" that wiped out more than 15 people at work! He became sick on Thursday night but went ahead to work on Friday (which is why the stomach bug wiped out that many people, ha!) We had planned to leave right when he got off work on Friday to head to Benton- but he was feeling terrible so we decided to wait until Saturday- Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve came and Adam was sick as a dog. I wasn't feeling 100% either so we just laid around most of the day. I loved spending time with A, but I was ready to see our families! We were also supposed to leave Monday- the 26th for Malaysia! We started feeling anxious that we wouldn't make it home for Christmas or to Malaysia...

Adam went several hours without vomiting so we decided to make the trek down south. We stopped in Little Rock and Adam dropped me off at Olive Garden to meet my parents, Lee, and my mom's brother and family.  We have a tradition of eating at the OG on Christmas Eve together! Afterwards we played Dirty Santa at mom and dads and just hung out together.

On Christmas Day, Adam and I both woke up feeling awful. I was able to make it to church with my family but he was sick in bed all day. I felt so bad for him! Adam is always in a good mood and despite him not feeling good we had a great day. I was so thankful we made it "home" for Christmas.
 My dads brothers and sister and my sweet Meme
 My dad sporting some of his Christmas loot. He's a nut.
 I love this woman!
 Luckily I was feeling better by this point... Adam was still puny. (But still cute. :) )
 Brother/sister love
 Meems and her new Coach wallet!
 Mom and her Christmas apron
 I didn't mention that I got a new fancy camera for Christmas! It takes great pics like this one of my precious cousin, Avery
 Kate and Uncle Ted
 I love this pic of Kate, Meme, Tiffany and I
 Adam and Gus
2 of my BFF's and me on Christmas morning. Kori (middle) has a little Christmas present in her belly that will arrive in July! We're so excited!

Unfortunately the sickness did not subside enough to where we thought we could travel to Malaysia the next day- so we cancelled our trip. I cannot tell you the sadness we had! Of course we woke up the day we were supposed to leave and Adam and I felt at least 90%. By that time it was too late and we searched for HOURS for another flight but were unable to get out.  We went ahead and took the week off work as planned... but didn't have energy to do anything but lay around. As sad as we were to not spend Christmas with Adam's sister and family- we were blessed to spend some (A LOT) of quality time together. We enjoyed doing nothing... something we hadn't done in a very long time.

We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so very blessed this year.  We have wonderful family, friends, a warm home, successful careers that we enjoy, and a growing church. Most of all- we have the grace and love of our Savior, Jesus that was born a little over 2000 years ago. He came to Earth as an innocent baby- only to grow up and die a gruesome death on the cross to save ME.  I'm so thankful for His sacrifice... and for the many other things that He has blessed me with.

Merry Christmas, from the Fites!

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