Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I Love the Weekend

For the past 3 weekends Adam and I have done NOTHING. It has been wonderful. It has been relaxing. It has been glorious. It has been somewhat productive. All of those things to me= PERFECT WEEKEND!

After a very busy summer/fall/holiday and countless miles traveled- we have been 100% ok to have virtually NO plans for the past 3 weekends. We have "locked ourselves in" on Friday nights... typically picking up take- out and eating on the couch together while watching our favorite recorded tv. We go to bed early on Friday and wake up LATE on Saturday... I'm talkin' 10:30 am people!  I cook a big brunch and enjoy coffee without being forced to suck it down to wake up. We then usually go to the gym or walk Gus around the neighborhood. Because winter is confused and we have experienced exceptionally warm temps (50-60 degrees) we have also enjoyed outside activities like hiking with friends and eating outside.  On Sundays, we attend the early worship service at 8:30 am, serve in the childrens ministry at 10, then eat lunch with friends after. After a nap on the couch with our doggy, I've been going to PiYo class at the gym for a wonderfully relaxing workout. After that- I head to the grocery store then home to make our easy peasy traditional Sunday night dinner of a soup/salad/sandwich combo. Because work seems a never- ending thing for me, I usually spend an hour or so on Sunday before dinner to get ready for the week. On Sundays I also catch up on laundry so it doesnt have to be done during the week.  I try REALLY hard to be in bed by 10 pm, but that doesnt always happen.
Hiking at Devils Den
As much as I LOVE traveling and seeing family, it has been so refreshing to just spend time with A the last few weekends. I feel like our marriage has really grown and we're more relaxed throughout the week because of these low key weekends.  This weekend is another relaxing one with more or less NO plans!  I am getting the itch to be a little more productive so I have a couple of projects that I'm going to work on.  After this weekend, we'll be traveling 2 weekends in a row so I'm going to try and keep it calm for the most part.

I know one day I'll dream of "the good ole' days" of sitting around and enjoying a relaxing weekend. These past few weekends are just the type that I want to remember.

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