Friday, May 18, 2012

22 Weeks (5.5 months)

So I was boring even myself with the weekly pregnancy updates. Plus, I seriously have had the easiest pregnancy ever so nothing really seems to change from week to week! Im going to try to be diligent about documenting a pic at least once a month so Ill have something to look back and remember some day. I also cant remember to have Adam take an "official" pic by the front door so this will have to suffice.

So... here we go at 22 weeks... 5 months pregnant!

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: baby is the size of a papaya, 10 inches long and about 14 ounces
Gender: It's a GIRL!
Maternity Clothes: yes for pants and tank tops... I can still wear regular tops
Weight gain: 14 pounds
Movement: Yes! I felt her move for the first time this week! It's the most amazing thing. I think I actually felt her for the first time during our 20 week ultrasound. I thought that was probably too good to be true and that it was just in my head since I was watching her bounce around on the screen... but looking back I think that is exactly what it was. I really didn't notice it again though until this week. I was just laying in bed one night reading and felt her. So totally cool!
Sleep: Luckily I'm still sleeping like a champ!
Symptoms: fainting spells and nosebleeds! Ive had 3 episodes in the last 2 weeks where I get really light headed and nearly black out. I was pretty sure it was normal but called the doctor just to make sure. They assured me that all of the extra blood vessels that are forming and the increase in blood production can cause light- headedness. As soon as I sit down and drink some water I feel much better. Luckily each time it happened I was giving a presentation to a group of nurses so there were plenty of people around capable of taking care of me, ha!
As for the nosebleeds... I pretty much wake up with one every day. Super weird since I've never had them before. Again- totally normal. My mom said that was a symptom she had too. Driving to work with tissue hanging out of my nose is the new norm.
Cravings: None really... I have been completely turned off by coffee. Even the smell makes me a bit queezy. Weird since I have drank 2 cups a day for a while now and it didnt seem to affect me until recently. 
Best moment this week: no doubt... feeling my baby girl move for the first time!

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