Saturday, December 8, 2012


You had your first bath when your umbilical cord fell off at about 10 days old. We have found it's easiest to bathe you in the kitchen sink. You love your bath and only cried when we got you out!

You also had your first Halloween! We dressed you up in a cute little glow in the dark skeleton onesie.
You took your first trip to Benton a few days before Thanksgiving.  Daddy stayed behind to work and we headed down early to spend some extra time with friends and family.  You did ok on your first trip until we got to Little Rock... then screamed the whole way to Benton. :)
... you met MawMaw for the first time.

... you were worn out from all of the traveling but you were in a great mood the whole time.

... you slept through the night for the first time ever when we were in Benton at 6 weeks old! You did it 3 nights in a row until we got home and then you were not as consistent.
You really started smiling at about 8 weeks old.  You cracked some smiles before then... but at 8 weeks we could make you smile.  It's my favorite thing in the whole world!
First time for mommy and daddy to leave you... it was only for a few hours, but it felt like an eternity! Cece and Papa came for a weekend at the beginning of December to keep you since we had 3 Christmas parties to attend in a weekend.  You were in great hands so we didn't worry, but we came home early from each party because we missed you so much!

You are one loved little girl and we can't wait to spend many more "firsts" with you!



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