Monday, December 16, 2013


Who knew that my heart could grow so much in a year? It was already bursting at the seams when we found out we were pregnant on Valentines Day in 2012.

Then it swelled even more when we found out our babe was a girl in April.  
October 16, 2012 was the happiest day of our lives when we welcomed sweet Caroline Reese into our family. 

The last 12 months have been SO fun.  I can hardly get enough smiles, laughs, new milestones, cute outfits, and kisses.  It still amazes me how much growth and learning takes place in a year.  Our tiny newborn is now a petite ONE year old. She is full of personality and FUN. She is sweet and smart. I love her more every day.

We have had a lot of excitement over the last few weeks... our girl's first birthday party, first birthday, Halloween, moving, Thanksgiving, and in just a few days- Christmas.  We've jumped on a couple of planes in there too- one with just the husband to Vegas, and just this past weekend as a family to Austin,TX. Caroline has a mouth full of teeth, is learning new words daily, and just took her first steps this week {as an "almost" 14 month old.} I have much to catch up on, but I wanted to start with highlighting my girl's first year. She brings us so much joy and I thank God for her daily.

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