Thursday, July 10, 2014


I((I may or may not have had to look up the spelling of this word! Ha!))

My sweet girl is going to be 20 months old soon. I've stopped doing monthly updates, but I feel like she has changed so much lately! The biggest change... She wants to do everything herself... Including:
- she doesn't want help eating. She makes the most awful mess eating yogurt I almost can't stand it. She has more on her face than in her belly. But she will FREAK out on you if you try and help
- she is starting to protest what she wears. She wore rain boots every day this week. 

- she's obsessed with shoes in general. She wakes up in the morning asking for shoes and sleeps in them a lot of nights
- she also prefers to be naked. Like... Usually wakes up from nap time totally in the nude. Diaper included. Sometimes that is very bad depending on the contents. Sometimes I have to change the sheet. You get the picture...
- she loves to sing and dance. Her favorites are "Let it Go" and "the wheels on the Bus." She dances on cue and it's hilarious
- she's very loveable. She gives
Hugs and kisses pretty freely and loves to  get attention while at restarants and stores
- she can count two
- if you ask her how old she is, she will say "one!" And hold up one finger on each hand
- she talks really well. If I had to guess I bet she knows over a hundred words. She said her first "real" sentence a couple of weeks ago... She asked, "Poppa, where are you?" She knows a lot of animals and their sounds. 
-she's really into Gus. He's the third thing she asks for each morning... After her daddy and shoes. :) she calls him and pats her legs while saying "c'mere" 
- she also has a little bit of sass. She knows how to push our buttons and knows when she is misbehaving. She is so sneaky... I turn my back for a second and she's standing in the kitchen chair it has Opened the back door and is in the back yard! 
I would describe this age as more challenging than the others, but even more fun too. I find myself praying for grace and patience more as well as an extra dose of energy! She really is SO fun and I'm amazed and how much she is growing and learning. I also can't understand how my love for her grows each day. It's amazing!

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