Thursday, July 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye

These two. I caught them in my closet sneaking swigs of mouthwash not too long ago.
We've been in morning for a month since my SIL and her family have left to go back overseas. The 6 months they were "home" seemed to fly by, yet we had the BEST time. These two became especially close and C asks for her almost every day. Thank goodness for Skype!

Before they left, we sent Caroline back with my sister in law to Benton and we kept the boys for a couple of days. We had the BeST time! We have an awesome new aquatics center in Rogers. We were basically the only ones there one day.
We made a fro-yo stop after where they managed to make the most disgusting sundaes ever that included cereal and jello.
The car ride to Benton with Gus.
We planned a big bday party at Joodge and Baba's to celebrate everyone's bday. It was complete with a piƱata and games and pies in the face.
We also walked in a race for our sweet friend Briley to raise money and awareness for Spinal Muscualar Atrophy. 

Were so sad the Turners are gone. The kids were so anxious to get "home" and I'm so thankful their hearts don't ache like ours. I am so encouraged and inspired by my SIL and BIL. They have been called to something that most of us would never consider, yet they've given everything to minister to others. We're hoping not as much time will pass between our next visit! 

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