Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Show Us Your Family!

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us Your Life" and this week's theme is "Show Us Your Family." I'm excited to talk about my family today... the Richardson family that is- otherwise known as the FUN Family!

I grew up with my mom and dad, and younger brother, Lee.  My parents are wonderful... the best really. The first thing I think of when I think of both of them is how sacrificial they both are. Growing up they sacrificed SO much for my brother and I to live a more than comfortable life. I can remember my mom getting up at 5 in the morning so she could be at work as early as possible so that she could be home with us in the evenings.  My parents never took vacations just the two of them... they always preferred to travel with us and would save every dime to be able to take us on the coolest vacations as a family. Like I said... sacrificial!

Mom works as an Account Rep for FedEx. She is GREAT at her job and loves her company. In addition to being extremely sacrificial, my mom loves people. She becomes burdened when others are hurting and does whatever she can to help. I think people purposly dropped animals at our house growing up because they knew my mom would take care of them! My mom is extremely funny. For someone so professional, she really knows how to have a good time. My mom loves the Lord and I am inspired for her hunger for His will and His word.

My dad is the leader of our house. He has worked for the same company for over 30 years! He is in Sales Management for a Valve Company in Little Rock. He is THE hardest working person I have ever met. He takes his job very seriously but has always worked hard around our house and in the community also.  He can fix/make anything. My dad is so funny! (don't tell him I said that, though.) It cracks me up that he seems so straight- laced to most people, but he is really a nut!  I have decided that I am for SURE just like my dad.... one thing he has always been big about is saving money. Growing up my dad was borderline "cheap." I am cheap (thanks, dad.) Both of us also share an affinity for returning things to the store. Nothing makes me sicker than getting something then realizing I dont need/won't use it. I leave tags on things f.o.r.e.v.e.r. until  I know I for sure want to keep it. At Christmas, dad makes a "return pile" at our house and the majority of the pile is all of HIS Christmas gifts that he will return to the store because he can't stand to be wasteful and keep something he knows he won't use. Dad and I are both on the Walmart "hit list" of "too many returns." Silly Walmart.... then we just start making our spouses and friends return things for us! 

My cute little brother Lee is currently a Freshman in college at Itawamba Community College in Fulton Mississippi. He is on scholarship there playing baseball. Lee is an incredible athlete. He makes me look pathetic.  No matter what sport... he dominates it! More important that athletics- Lee is an incredible person and an amazing Christian. For his senior trip in High School he chose to go to Africa on a mission trip and opted out of the traditional beach trip! He has a beautiful heart and loves the Lord. Lee dates a sweet little girl named Stephanie that I am particularly fond of. I am SO SO proud of my brother. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in his life! 

This picture is from our vacation last March when my parent's took us to the Grand Canyon. It is the BEST vacation I have ever been on! We had a blast together even though we do our fair share of mouthing to each other. Dad has referred to us as "The Fun Family" for as long as I can remember. We mostly refer to ourselves as that while we are at each other's throats on family vacation, ha!

I am so thankful for 2 Godly parents that raised me in a Christian home. I was most definately was possibly a difficult child to raise. I know my parents had to have prayed a lot to get through my teenage years. I'm glad they didn't give up on me and that we are as close as we are today. I love my family so very much. I am proud of the family that I came from.


  1. So you continue in this insistence that we're the NOT fun family? You're gonna have to come up with a really good nickname for us when you talk about your Fite family, woman. ; )

  2. What a great family! Those pictures are spectacular too! Who knew Walmart had a return "hitlist" that is a riot!


  3. What a beautiful tribute to your (our) "whacky" family!!!