Saturday, March 19, 2011


One of my very best friends from college is Elizabeth Parsley. She is one of the most most amazing people I have ever met. We became very close when we attended UCA together and met when we joined the same (and best) sorority, Delta Zeta.

Liz helped Adam propose to me and even caught the bouquet in our wedding.
On September 12, 2010, Elizabeth and 2 of our friends were in a terrible car accident where the vehicle rolled several times. The other passengers were ok, but Elizabeth suffered a traumatic brain injury and was medflighted to a Little Rock hospital. Her diagnosis was very grim and she was in a coma for 2 weeks.  By the Grace of God, 6 months later... Elizabeth is perfect. You can read about her journey HERE.

Two weeks ago, several people, including myself participated in the Little Rock 5K race. Before our friends had their accident- it was something that we talked about participating in. When Elizabeth left the hospital, we challenged her to work towards being able to walk 3.1 miles, so that we could still participate in the Little Rock 5K as planned. We then decided to invite the other people that had prayed for Elizabeth and supported her family during her recovery. The day finally arrived a couple of weeks ago on March 5! It was cold and rainy, but that did not keep us from celebrating what God has done in Elizabeth's life.

Elizabeth, 6 months after an accident that should have claimed her life.

 I'm so blessed to have her!
Right behind the finish line is Elizabeth with an army of supporters behind her. I cannot describe the feeling I had to watch her cross the finish line giving God glory for all she has been through.Not only did she walk the 5K, but she RAN across the finish line. Six months ago we didn't know that would be possible, especially so soon after such a terrible accident! God is sovereign and it was HIS will to her to be a medical miracle.
Our whole group.
I am so thankful that there are more pictures of me and this sweet girl. She means the world to me and is an everyday reminder of how very short life can be and how we can be taken from this earth in an instant. I have also learned to take anything for granted especially for my health and the health of my loved ones. God is so good and I never want to cease in giving Him praise.

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