Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Part II

The day of my birthday I actually went out of town so husband treated me to breakfast of my choice. Now, you might think that we would have gone to IHOP, Cracker Barrel, or a wonderful local place we have called Common Grounds.... but instead I opted for McDonalds. A greasy, fattening, sausage and biscuit and hash brown was exactly what my birthday brain wanted!

By the way, you know me... I was not ready in time to actually GO to the restaurant. Of course my sweet hubs was so he went and we ate together while I finished getting ready. :)
Adam  then took me to his new office that is being renovated. They will move into the new building in May-ish.  On this particular day, the new robotic system they installed in the warehouse was being "activated."  Adam and I and several of the other employees of Acumen went to watch the robots in action before work started on Friday. It was so cool!  This day was especially exciting for Adam. He was the team member selected to attend meetings in Boston earlier this year to design the robotic system for the warehouse. He has worked very hard in getting this system implemented!
 I'm so proud of this man! He works very hard at his job and loves what he does.
 Adam and his robot.
Neil, Adam, Dalton
I left Fayetteville and saw some customers in NWA before heading to my parents house in Benton. For my birthday my mom and I attended Living Proof Live... a women's conference by Beth Moore, my favorite Christian Women's Minister and author.  It was an unforgettable weekend! This was the greatest birthday gift and a special memory that I will share with my mom. It was great getting to worship with her and hear Beth Moore speak since we are both such big fans!
mom & I

My childhood BFF, Brittany also attended the conference. It was great to be home and in the midst of wonderful women and friends from my home church.

After lunch, several of us went to my all-time favorite eatery, Dizzy's Grill in Little Rock. It was devine!
Jessica, me, mom, Mrs. Candy, Brit, Stephanie

Beth talked about "Fulfilling Your Ministry." It really spoke to my heart.  The Bible tells us that we are all called to glorify God in this life. THAT is our purpose here! Each of us has a ministry. For Beth- its reaching out to thousands of women and preaching the Bible in a way that specifically pertains to women.  For me- I'm not 100% sure... but I do feel like I am one step closer to figuring it out.  Once I do- I plan to pour my time and energy into that ONE thing.  ONE thing is something Beth also talked about. She believes it is not necessary that we involve ourselves in every little thing that needs a volunteer.  She encourages that you find the ONE thing that God has called you to... ONE ministry and pour your life into it. For me that is very difficult since I am used to being involved in 100,456 things in high school/college. Sometimes I still think that is necessary in my adult life. For now I will continue to involve myself in the things I am committed to currently. But hopefully soon God will speak to me about a specific "ministry" for me to fulfill.

I also want to commit to more Bible scripture memorization. Beth amazes me with her knowledge of the Bible and her memory of Scripture. I have a few ideas on how I plan to do this that I will share later.

I went to church with my family on Sunday in Benton, and afterwards went out to eat with my sweet cousin and her family. She has 3 precious children that I adore. To me they are like nieces and nephew more than cousin because there mother and I have always been so close. Plus... they are just stinkin' cute!

Dad, me, mom, and Avery
 sweet Avery and I!
My cousin Tiffany and I
Dad is so ready for us to have kids since his great nephew and nieces are getting so big! He loves them like they are his own!

After my birthday week came to a close, I hopped on a plane to South Florida. I worked there for a whole week.  While it is beautiful there, I miss my husband and doggy while I am gone! Hopefully next time he can join me!  The one benefit to working is the yummy food I eat while I am there. Of course I managed to take no pictures of the beautiful beaches or gators that lie on the roadside, but I took a picture of the delicious Sushi I ate one night! Doesn't it look fun?!

In addition to seeing Beth Moore for my birthday, I got some new TOMS, glass drink pitchers, and a Kindle! I sure am blessed... not because of the gifts, but because of the wonderful people in my life!

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  1. Heather-- you are one of God's amazing creatures!! You are PRECIOUS in SOO many ways!!!