Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter and Mother's Day

We had a wonderful weekend with Adam's parents for Easter. We decided our first married Easter together that we would spend it together in Fayetteville. Since we go home for Christmas, we wanted to be at our church for Easter. This year we invited our parents to spend it with us.  My parents were unable to leave town, so Adam's parents joined us. We had a great weekend! 

Our church had 5 services and Adam and I worked the one on Saturday night. When we got home I "cooked" dinner.... rotisserie chicken, green beans, and spinach and strawberry salad.  Since we never use our dining room... I pretended to be fancy.  Of course I had to take pictures since this is probably a once per year set up!

 Adam and his dad.
 My beautiful MIL.
 Did I mention we used our china??? Yep, the first time in 2.5 years! We're fancy I tell ya!

On Sunday, we attended a wonderful Easter service at our church. After we served in the children's ministry, we ate lunch at Ella's on the U of A campus. It was wonderful!  It was a place that MIL and I had been dying to try and it did not disappoint!
 Adam and his dad at lunch.
 The best in-laws ever!
 Group pic!
 Husband and I in our Easter get- up.
Adam and his parents.

We love our parents very much and we get so excited when they come to visit! We were so glad that Adam's parents came to spend Easter with us and hope that my parents can come next year! I love tradition... us spending Easter in our home is one I would like to hold on to!

Mother's Day Weekend was next and for that we made the trek home. We love going home.  It is where our families are and for that it will always be a special place. This Mother's Day was a significant one since it was my mother's first Mother's Day without her mother. My sweet Nana passed away just a few weeks earlier. Despite the obvious sadness, we spend some great time with our families. I think I treasured this year more than any other and it was also very hard to leave my mother on Sunday.  I love her very much and hope to be just like her to my own children.

Speaking of children... mom is ready to have some grand babies! This is my sweet cousin, Avery.  I love spending time with her and the cuties in the next pictures when I go "home."

We have 20,000,000 sparklers left over from my wedding. (That's another story!) We break them out on every major holiday and any other time that warrants.  I don't think we will ever get rid of them all!  Kate was very afraid of the sparklers at first, but finally she lit 2! She would hold them very far away.  She is also wearing what she likes to call a "Saturday Suit."  You may call it a romper.  This sweet girl cracks me up. I love her so much!

Me and my boys.
 Lee and his cutie patootie gf, Stephanie.
 Adam and his mom on Mother's Day.
 My brother, Uncle Ted, and daddy
 My mom and her MIL, my Meme on Mother's Day
 My mom and her babies!  (The one on the right is her favorite.)
My family on Mother's Day.
I am so blessed to have my mother and that I have the relationship with her that I do!  I also have a wonderful MIL that treats me like one of her own.  I was so glad that on Mother's Day our parent's "shared us" and we all went to lunch together.  We had a great weekend and we hope our mom's know how much we love and appreciate them!

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