Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Party Time!

Adam and I both have birthdays in April... just a week apart. We celebrated for 2 weeks! It started with a 3-way birthday dinner with Adam, myself, and our friend Dalton who also had a birthday the same week. We went to Shoguns with several of our friends and had the best time!!

 My BFF Amber! She is doing a clinical in Tulsa right now and I have been so blessed to spend so much time with her lately!
 Even P-Payne came to celebrate! I love this boy!
 My main squeeze.
Some of my favorite ladies!  After dinner we played games at our house. We seriously have the best friends in the world.

Adam's birthday was on Saturday and he woke up to a big breakfast and lots of presents!

His favorite present... I think he ate the whole bag in a day.

Gus wanted to know why he didn't get any thing.

After breakfast, we went to pick up Ally and Dalton and headed to the driving range. I only hit a few balls... I mean like less than 10. I was SO. SORE. the next day. I am so pathetic. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time with our friends. Adam wanted Charlies Chicken for his bday lunch and of course no birthday is complete without a trip to Sams! Happy Birthday Adam!

The next week it was my turn! My sweet husband out did himself. We went to dinner on Monday night because our week was packed and I was going out of town on my bday. At dinner I wanted to order desert but Adam wouldn't let me... "Um excuse me... its my BIRTHDAY!" He told me we would go later and get some but he didn't want to get it there. Whatev. We went home and much to my surprise our friends were there with birthday cake, magic candles, and flowers! I was so surprised and it was so very sweet and thoughtful. I'll also have to share with you my birthday presents... I am extremely excited about them!!

Adam, Dalton, and Jillian

Sallie and Ally
Adam and Jillian, isn't she a doll?!
 The Girls
Ally, Tiffany, Renee, Sallie, Sarah, Me, Jennifer
 The boys
Ryan, Josh, Rich, Adam, Dalton, Neil
 Love these girls and babies!
Jen, Ally, Tiffany, Max and Kobe
Adam, I love you so much! I love sharing a birthday with you!

I'll have to share the REST of my birthday in another post... TBC!

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