Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday and Anniversaries

Living far from "home" has its downsides... its impossible to be involved in everything going on with our families that we'd like to be. Somethings are worth driving 3 hours there and back for... my daddy's 55th birthday was one of those!

Every Sunday night my dad's family gets together at my parent's house. Since my dad's birthday was also Sunday, we had a birthday party for him. It was a great time and I'm so glad I got to celebrate with him.
 Happy Birthday, Dad! I'm so glad I got to spend the day with you!

July 24th also means 2 VERY important anniversaries! My parents got married on July 24th 1982... it was dad's birthday (he said he would forget their anniversary otherwise!) It was also the year Adam was born... ha!  It's also ironically the anniversary of my in-laws! They have been married 40 years!  I kind of wish now we had considered getting married on July 24th. It would have been really neat to celebrate an anniversary on the same day as both of our parents. BUUUT I wanted that gorgeous winter wedding! Anyway.... Happy Anniversary to mom and dad Richardson and "Judge and Baba" Fite. Thank you for being a wonderful example to Adam and I about what marriage is about. We are so thankful for you all in our lives and love you very much!
Going "home" also means seeing this sweet girl... my little cousin, Avery. Isn't she a doll?

I didn't take a lot of pictures that night... I guess we were having too much fun! I think we are are town for the next several weekends. I am looking forward to the fall since our parents will be coming up to Fayetteville a lot for all of the home Hog football games!

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