Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 4th Y'all!

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. On Friday night, we met up with 3 other couples at a place in Fayetteville called Greenhouse Grill. It is a restaurant that serves only organic food. They have the regular stuff like burgers, pasta, etc... but I decided to be adventurous and get Veggie Crepes. They.were.amazing!  I'm not sure that they were low in calories, but they were definitely made with home grown vegetables and whole wheats.

After dinner, we went to the Turpin home to play cards. The 8 of us played a card game called "The Great Dalmuti." It was a blast! We had a great time visiting and eating Kirsti's delicious dessert, Calypso Pie. (She refuses to share this age old family recipe! Darn it!)

To celebrate America's birthday, we headed to Arkadelphia, AR on Saturday to meet my family at Lake DeGray.  I grew up going to Lake DeGray every weekend. My parents had a ski boat and many Saturday's were spent there enjoying it. They sold it a few years ago when my brother and I became involved in so many activities (mainly his baseball) that kept us too busy on the weekends in the summertime to go to the lake. SO- when dad mentioned renting a boat for the day, I got very excited!
 Brother Lee, Gus, and Husband on Dad's fishing boat. Gus had a BLAST! It was his first time ever on a boat!
 Baby Kate and Lee driving the big boat
 Husband and I
 Me and Gus. He LOVED the lake!
Kate and Uncle Ted. 

My dad's whole family came to the lake on Saturday.  We ate lunch at the lake and then dinner at one of my all time favs... The Fish Net! Sadly, I didn't get a picture of our whole crew, but I did get one of my Meme with all of her children! We had such a good time and I'm hoping we will make the lake on July 4th weekend a tradition!

On Sunday, we went to church with our parents, ate lunch with Adam's parents, then headed back to Fayetteville. We wanted to make the firework show at our sister church, Cross Church Pinnacle Hills. I am SO glad we made it back in time... the firework show was one of the best I have ever seen! We met up with the Francis family to enjoy the show.
 Josh, Jen, Brody, Jillian Kate, Adam, and I. We love their family!
 Brobee (Brodie) loves Adam. I think this was right after he gave Adam an "elmo drop."

On Monday I slept in while Adam met his BFF Brad for golf. I then met them and Brad's wife Mandy for lunch at Chic Fil A before Adam and I headed to the mall for some shopping. We are redoing our bedroom and found a new bedspread! I had to order it but it should be in this week... pictures to come!  Monday night we met up with the the Green's and the Owen's and had dinner at Fayetteville CC. We then sat on the driving range to watch their annual fireworks show. We had a great time. I told Adam several times this weekend that I wish I could just freeze time. There were so many great moments this weekend with our friends and with our family.... I feel so blessed.

Those blessings of friends and family coupled with the fact that I live in the greatest nation in the world- one where I am free to worship and praise my Lord without persecution are my greatest joys. Happy Birthday America- I enjoyed your weekend of birthday festivities!

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