Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fun family vaca 2012... destin fl

On Saturday we left for Destin. We're here for a week and today is Tuesday... its been glorious! I love sleeping in and that my hardest decision every day is choosing between the beach or the pool!  Being pregnant at the beach is a little different... it means not being in the sun for one thing. Today I literally didnt sit in the sun for 1 minute. I sat under a tent (for about 4 hours) and lathered on sunscreen. I still managed to get a little red. The only thing I can think is that the walk there and back is what did it.  My skin is extremely sensitive which is something Im not used to. I used to love lying in the sun for hours and coming home looking like a little Indian.  Also, being preg means I get to skimp on carrying beach gear and eat what I want without feeling too bad about it. :)

 Last night we went to dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. It. Was. Delish!  I had Pecan Grouper and it did not disappoint. I have literally been researching places to eat for a week. For me, eating good food is one my favorite parts of vacation. On Saturday night we ate a place that was pretty expensive for not so great food. That to me is a huge disappointment. (For the record- I did not pick that place!) I cooked tonight and tomorrow night we're having a shrimp boil here.  We plan to eat out a couple more times too. We also ate Krystal burger on the way down. My stomach still hurts- its pretty much the grossest thing ever (also not my food choice.) Anything attached to a gas station should be off limits for obvious reasons.

Husband and I after dinner Monday night.
 After dinner we headed to the go kart track. The boys raced and husband got his booty kicked by Uncle Ted and Lee.
But then... he raced again by himself and started in last place and finished first. He may or may not have been racing some 8-10 year old boys. We gave him a hard time!

We have a great house with plenty of room. We have a view of the bay and are walking distance to the beach. Our little neighborhood has a pool which is nice. Some more pics...
 Adam getting burried in the sand.
 My view of my toes. :)
 Dad instructing Ted and Adam how to build a sand castle.
 Me and brudder.
26 weeks pregnant. This view is on our back deck at sunset.

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  1. 1. I love Louisiana Lagniappe!!
    2. I found our last summer that umbrellas have between 20-30 SPF (found that out the hard way)

    Hope ya'll are having so much fun!