Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Baby's Abode... or lack there of

As I type this post... its is currently 1:34 in the morning and I am sitting in my bath. If this post doesn't finish and I'm found dead in the morning... it is likely from electrical shock. (I did remove the charger so if my laptop falls in the bath I surely have just a wet laptop and not the aforementioned tragedy.)

Anywhoo... I'm having a particularly difficult time sleeping tonight. Sleep really hasnt been much of an issue but I am guilty of "nesting" a little too close to bedtime tonight and my mind will NOT rest. It is currently thinking of how my sweet baby girl will not have a beautiful finished nursery before she arrives at my current rate. Because her mother has a bit of a decision- making problem... the "nursery" is nothing more than a crib, painted walls, and a heap of fabric on the floor. There is a dresser, but it's damaged and we've been waiting for 3 weeks for the replacement. (So help Toys R Us if that dresser isn't in tomorrow like they promised. :) )

This is the picture that I fell in love with the moment I found out I was pregnant. Because we toyed with the idea of not finding out the gender, I loved the idea of a neutral pallet. I also knew that I didn't want something "babyish" and would rather have a classy, more mature room that I could enjoy. The idea of walking into a room painted with hot pink walls did not interest me.
I just adore this design from

I decided to use the front bedroom since the walls were already painted grey, and ordered a very similar crib to this one.  I feel like a rockstar that I scored a "cheaper" version for less than $150 on Overstock! I'll share a complete list of all of my findings and cost when I put up final pics (if there ever are any, ha!) Next I found a dresser at Babies R Us. It was a great price and overall is very well made except for the aforementioned ding in the top. It's dark wood like in the picture. I knew I did not want a "matchy" room like I am guilty of doing a lot of times... but rather a "designer- like" contrast. You know.. because I'm a designer.

Annnnd thats pretty much where it stopped for several weeks. I have had the hardest time finding fabric for bedding and curtains. I found curtains at Target that I liked, not loved, and some pretty satin fabric for a bed skirt that my friend Nicole is going to sew. I really loved the bed skirt fabric, but unfortunately I fell in love with a sample that is no where to be found. I ordered what I thought was the fabric online last week, but the shade is all wrong. The fabric stores here both said they could order... but can't tell me when it would be in... they said it could be a few days, weeks, or months. REAL helpful since my baby will be here in approximately 7 weeks or less.

So... while my wondering mind was perusing the internets tonight/this morning... I hopped on over to JC Penny online. I'm kind of a snob when it comes to the good ole JCP... yet everytime I go in there I find something wonderful... like these gorgeous curtains...
 oh mylanta.

It's hard to see in the first 2 pictures, but these curtains have an ikat pattern to them that is better seen in the third picture that has darker fabric. This is exactly what I had in mind from the beginning and couldn't find fabric or pre-made curtains of the like anywhere! Of course I can't figure out how to purchase these online the website is being weird so I'm going to have to head there first thing in the am to pick these dudes up. If they have them and they work like I think they will then I will have this nursery finished lickety split. 

And if I don't... I do realize that my Caroline doesn't really care about her nursery and will never know if it is "finished" or not. She's got a bed, diapers, and 2 parents that love her an unfathomable amount already.  That is more than many babies have and I know far more important than some silly curtains.

Here's hoping I can get some sleep tonight!

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