Monday, September 3, 2012

Mrs. Indecisive

Husband says I'm indecisive. Throw pregnancy in the mix and I can be quite the crazy. I can't tell you how many things I've purchased and returned because I didn't like them once I got them home.  I personally don't see anything wrong with it... but it drives Adam nuts!

Husband came home on Friday from work to find me drooling over the gorgeous curtains I found at JCP. I had to drive to 2 stores, but found 4/6 of the last panels in existence evidently! AND, they were on clearance for $15 per panel! Also, during my late night blog/internet surfing session I found the most lovely bedroom set thanks to Craig and his list! I mean... we werent really in the market for furniture for our spare bedroom or anything... because you know... were having a BABY that needs a nursery... but I just had to inquire about the set and it was still available. It was only a matter of convincing husband that we should move on the furniture purchase. That is the good news...

The bad/inconvienent news was that the grey wall color did not look good with my new curtain loves.  I knew we would need to change the color scheme of the room to make them work. We painted the room grey over a year ago so it wasn't like I was wanting to repaint what we had already done. Also, I had done some measuring and was pretty sure the new bedroom furniture was going to fit better in our nursery... which meant we would need to switch the rooms. I knew Adam would be thrilled to learn of all of these findings... and he was! (insert sarcastic voice)

Here was the color scheme we were going with before "the changes."

I loved the idea of having a "sophisticated nursery," but it just wasn't coming together like I wanted. The pink rosette fabric of the pillow was no where to be found and I wanted to make a bedskirt out of it. The blue lattice fabric is actually a curtain from Target.The pink/cream minky blanket was a gift from my MIL and I adore it. It actually ended up providing a lot of inspiration for the "new nursery." Once I found the curtains at JCP, I decided to go for more of a classic, traditional nursery. I still love the white, Jenny Lind crib, and our Babies R Us dresser (which FINALLY came in!!) So basically, we hadn't really done much except purchase furniture and a few fabric samples which were all returnable.

So... after a little convincing, my sweet husband agreed to spend our three day weekend redoing not one, but TWO rooms in our home. We picked up the Craiglist bedroom furniture on Sunday, with the help of brother, Lee. Then moved everything from one room to the other. Then, we taped off the nursery and picked up the paint for the nursery first thing Monday morning (Labor Day.) The room is small so it didnt take long to paint. This is the color we went with...

It's Sherwin Williams Romance. It's the perfect amount of pink and khaki- which is exactly what I wanted.

I'll share more nursery pics once we have a few more things done. I'm still deciding on bedding and have a lot of accessorizing to do! The glider did come today and the shelving should be in this week.
I've had several people make comments and act surprised when I say my nursery isn't done and I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I'm not too stressed about it and I'm enjoying taking my time with it. If baby girl decides to make an early appearance, it may not be quite done, but she has a place to sleep, plenty of diapers, and and mommy and daddy that already adore her... so she will be fine. I just know that what I dont finish before she gets here may never get finished so I really am trying to kick it in gear.

As for the spare bedroom, here's a pic of it...
This is the four poster, but we also got the dresser and a side table. The furniture is Bombay Company and the set is still available... the bed alone is $1,500 new! We payed $300 for the set and I think it was worth every penny. Its beautiful and very well made.  We are not making any other updates to this room right now but after the first of the year I might change out paint and bedding.
In addition to our decorating projects, we attended the first Hog game of the season against Jacksonville State. Adam's dad snagged 4 indoor club seats which was awesome for this big ole pregnant girl. It was really hot and humid and I don't think I could have sat on the bleacher seating at the TOP of the stadium where we were going to sit. We had a great time and the Hogs pulled off the first WIN of the season. I enjoyed it even more sitting in a comfy seat in the air conditioning! We decided not to buy season tickets this year and party at home when we cant find tickets. And again... we have a BABY coming so I think we will be glad later to just hang out on home on the weekends and watch the games together.

To end the weekend we had the Green's and the Huddleston's and Lee over for a hotdog cookout. It was a busy weekend, but it was a fun time to spend together and ended perfectly with a night with friends. I'm thankful for a 3 day weekend and for a husband that puts up with my ever changing mind!


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