Friday, August 2, 2013

1. My good friend Kaitlyn is keeping Caroline and Carson this summer. She is wonderful and I'm so blessed that she loves my girl!
2. I'm loving my Keurig. We got it back in the Spring but I am just really loving it. It also prevents me from drinking 10 cups of coffee a day... even though some days I REALLY want to.
3. Our Library. We have a great library. I've been going there to work some during the week, but I've also been taking C to "Baby Bookworms" once a week.  She loves it and so do I!
(Here we are with our buddy D)
4. Cucumber Salad.  I've been eating this all summer.  I usually make a big bunch of it on the weekend and eat on it all week.  It's so easy to make and its delicious and healthy.
5. Adam wanted this "dumb" speaker for his birthday. I think I enjoy it more than he does! Especially out on our deck where we've spent much of our time this summer.

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