Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Like most, I love the place that is Target!  There isn't much better than cruising the store, alone, latte in hand and checking out all the latest goodies! On a recent Valentine's gift run, I scored the following items that I'm quite fond of: 1) Baby Lips Lip Balm (Mabeline) 2) Coat for C on Clearance for $11 and 3.) Planner on clearance for $4.  I've struggled with organization since becoming a mom.  I've tried to keep everything in my phone, but its not the same as keeping things in a planner. I'm also not convinced that my phone doesn't randomly delete things! I'm hoping an "old school" planner helps me stay on top of things a little better.
2. We are going to DISNEY WORLD very soon!! I can hardly contain my excitement.  Adam's parents' gift to us for Christmas is taking the 10 of us next month.  I found this adorable printable at and I have it displayed in our foyer in a picture frame. I love marking off the days... we're getting SO close!

3. I am leading the Tuesday night Bible Study at our church this semester.  By lead, I mean I basically unlock the door and make coffee. :) "Gideon" is a video- based study by Precilla Shirer.  It is SO good.  I'm really enjoying the group I have and I enjoy praying for and encouraging them weekly.  The overwhelming theme of Gideon's life is "God's strength in our weakness." It is so refreshing to read how Gideon was completely unqualified and inadequate (in his eyes) to complete the task God had for him, but God used him anyway in a mighty way.

4. The sun.  It came out this week! I feel like we've been in an eternal winter over the last several months and it has been so refreshing for the sun to be out! It has even been warm enough to go outside which Caroline LOVES.  
5. My nephews.  They live overseas but are enjoying a 6 month visit.  They are living in my hometown (3 hours away) so we still don't see them a ton, but when we do we have a GREAT time.  I traveled to Benton last weekend with C (Adam was recovering from round 2 of the stomach virus) and took both boys to my brother's baseball game.  They had a great time and I enjoyed spending time with them! It was also neat for me to watch my brother play college baseball. This is his second year to play, but I've just made my first game ever since they often play in the middle of the day during the week.

Lee plays for the Henderson Reddies.  He is having a great season so far especially considering he's recovering from a serious back injury during the off season. I am SO proud of him!

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