Wednesday, February 26, 2014

weekend at the chataeu

Saturday, husband and I left little Miss with my parents and headed to Branson to stay at Chateau on the Lake.  Its a beautiful resort hotel on Table Rock Lake.  Our stay was a gift from Adam's parents as a 5 year anniversary/housewarming gift.  We had never stayed there before, but definitely plan to visit again!

Caroline had the time of her life with Cece and Poppa!

The view from our room... it was so relaxing and beautiful.  The room had amazing blackout curtains and we slept until 10 am on Sunday morning!

We had the hotel brunch on Sunday. This was my desert plate. :/ 
Hey, I was on vacation!((And I pretty much only ate the strawberries.)

I never left the resort. Adam left only to go pick up Mexican food Sunday night and we ate it in the lounge next the fireplace and overlooking the lake.  By Sunday night the hotel was basically empty and we had the place to ourselves.  We had the best time just talking and laughing.

Monday morning we had breakfast again at the hotel restaurant (I had stuffed french toast and it was AWESOME.  ((Do you see a food theme, ha!) We then headed to the spa where we pretty much spent all day.  We had a couple's massage and I had a facial.  I guess I had never really been to a "full service" spa before, but we also got to enjoy the private hot tub, steam room, sauna, and lounges.  It was a Monday and we were the only ones there so had the place to our selves!  We ordered lunch and had it delivered to the hot tub.... we we're livin' it up!! 

I got these off the website but they were exactly as pictured.  We had such a great weekend away. We missed C terribly, but it was very refreshing to sleep in and just spend time together. We also have a couple of busy weeks coming up so we were totally fine with foregoing shopping to relax instead.  We leave for Oklahoma City Friday to attend a Thunder game and a work meeting on Saturday... then leave for Disney World the next week! I'm glad my sleep tank is full!

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