Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Lately its been hot in northwest Arkansas...
 My car said it was 112 degrees on Monday. At first I thought that surely couldn't be, but then I saw a bank marquee that said 117! Of course that's with the heat index, I think the actual this day was 109. It was a record breaking day temperature- wise in the state.

(not sure why the pic wont rotate)
Most days for work I dress up pretty nice. Either a dress or slacks with heels or wedges. I usually fix my hair, put on full makeup etc. It's been so hot lately, I can hardly stand to wear dress clothes. Getting in and out of my car all day means I stay hot all day because my car never really has a chance to cool off. This week, I've been a lot more casual than normal and sporting a polo with capri pants and "dressy" sandals. My hair is clipped up or in a pony tail. I've also been wearing less make- up than usual... there's really no point since I've sweated most of it off by the end of the day!

As hot as it is, I'm so thankful to have air conditioning in my car and in my home. That is something I take for granted and I know there are many that do not have that luxury!

This week, I was out of town to Mountain Home, AR on Monday night and got back about 6:30 pm on Tuesday. Our friend Bret came over for dinner. On Wednesday, we went to Sean and Nicole's for Sean's 26th birthday celebration. Nicole decorated so cute with a Fiesta theme. They had a yummy taco bar and all the fixins. 

 The birthday boy.
P, Sarah, and me
Payne and his cute mustache :)

Sean and Nicole have become some of our really good friends. They are in a very similar stage of life as us which makes hanging out with them a lot of fun. We met through our small group at Cross Church and we have really enjoyed getting to know this sweet couple!

Friday night our sweet friends, Shawn and Amy came over for dinner with their adorable baby, Harris. We miss them so much and are so thankful we're going to see more of them this fall! On Saturday and Sunday we SLEPT IN AND LAID AROUND. Did you hear me??? We NEVER get to have a lazy weekend and we were so thankful for one! 

On Saturday we literally slept until 9 and didn't get out of bed until 10:00. It was wonderful! Gus doesn't sleep with us but we let him in our bed for some cuddle time around 9. We made breakfast, did some house work, then shopped for patio furniture (we found none.) I think picked up my Little Sis (BBBS) and we ran to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric for our project. "D" just moved into a new house and we made a lamp and some bulletin boards for her room.  Adam played golf while we worked on our crafts. "D" and I then made homemade pizza before I took her home.

On Sunday, we again slept until 9 and went to the late service at church. We had lunch with our buddies at Schlotzky's Deli before coming home to lay.on.the.couch. It was bliss. Just my man and my doggy on the couch for 3+hours. We watched a sad movie, "The Time Traveler's Wife" then took a nap. We then headed to the Owen's house for a game of Yahtzee and dinner.
We're getting ready to head to Galveston, TX with my family in a few days! I am so looking forward to getting away!

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