Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This weekend, we attended one of my best friend's little sister's wedding in Benton. It is so surreal that little Karis is now married! I really felt old this weekend. The wedding was beautiful and was one of the most worshipful ceremonies I have ever been to.

These were two of my favorite pictures of them. They are a beautiful couple, but I am also obsessed with their photographer, Melissa McCrotty. She has shot several of my friend's wedding and I think she is so talented. I had a less than wonderful photographer at my wedding, so I'm definately a little jealous when I see beautiful pictures! Congratulations Karis and Shad!
My youth pastor, Jay Jacobs performed the ceremony. Here are a bunch of his kiddos all together at the wedding.
Me and my besties, minus Meg. Sorry for the blurriness, an iPhone camera is all I have right now because my camera decided to stop working!!

After the wedding, Adam and I headed to Conway to celebrate Elizabeth's 25th birthday!! I helped to plan a surprise party for her for all of her closest friends and family. We had a great time and gave thanks to God for this precious miracle.
All the girls with the birthday girl.
Me and Lizzybeth.

On Sunday, we celebrated mom's birthday. It was the week before, but we had lunch and cookie cake at their house after church today to officially celebrate.

Happy Birthday, mom! I love you so much!

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