Monday, August 15, 2011


The second week of August Adam and I met my mom in brother in Little Rock to hop on a quick flight to Houston, TX. Dad had been there all week for a work meeting. He picked us up and we went to dinner and stayed the night in town.. We were all short on time between my lack of vacation days and Lee starting school the next week so a quick flight and a couple of days on the beach was the answer to a MUCH needed break.

We woke up the next morning and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Mom had a Texas- shaped waffle which I believe indicated that we were going to have a great trip!

Before arriving at the beach, we went to the outlet mall then ate at my dad's all time fav burger joint... Watta-burger. After I stuffed myself with a delicious cheeseburger, onion rings, and LARGE coke (which I managed to spill like a child in the middle of the restaurant) -we then headed to the Johnson Space Center. Lee was especially interested in seeing the space center (which I thought would be a total drag) and it ended up being incredibly cool! (Lee gets 2 cool points!)
 Dad and Lee being silly.
 I have trained mom how to pose for pictures. She's such a diva!
We decided not to pay the $20+ person and 120 degree golf cart tour around the space center and instead opted for the free, air- conditioned Apollo museum.  It documented all of the Apollo missions and one of the shuttles from a mission. (I do not recap details well so of course I cant tell you which one.) 
 Family picture by the giant rocket!! Y'all it was seriously huge!
I know this picture is sideways. And its dark. I dont know how to fix it. I want everyone to see my super cute dress from Target. :)

 They had the space shuttle broken up into each of the different pieces that drop off during the shuttle launch.
 The boys in between one of the sections... see how huge this thing is?
Lee in front of one of the huge jet engines on the back of the rocket. There were 8 of these!

 After the space center, we headed to the beach. Galveston Beach is definitely different than Florida beaches. The sand is brown and the water definitely had more debris. BUT, it was the beach and it was glorious. We headed out to put our feet in the sand before heading to dinner at a local seafood place.
 My cute husband in his new shirt.
My former roommates. I love them so. much.

The next day included a full day at the beach. There is nothing like relaxing on the beach! When we were sick of the sand and salt water, we headed to the pool. I had also just completed a dedicated week of watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I do not recommend this for beach goers. I was seriously terrified to get in the water!

Laying by the pool.... so relaxing! Mom and I went a little overboard in the sun and had some nasty sunburns to pay for it... next post!

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