Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Part II

After getting scorched by the sun for a couple of days, we decided to spend the afternoon at the aquarium.  It was nice and cool and much fun was had!
 My cute boys.
 Mom being silly. We really had a great time and have so much fun together!


 The shark tank!! So totally cool! My mom and dad... also totally cool!
 Me in the Shark cage. Don't worry it was just pretend. We were all a little obsessed with the Sharks since "Shark Week" aired on The Discovery Channel the week before.
 Dad pointing out a super creepy eel. Eww.
 We chose to eat dinner at a chain steakhouse. We were a little disappointed with the local food that we had eaten all week and wanted a guaranteed good steak. It did not disappoint. we all scraped our plates clean and Lee's lobster posed with him after the delicious meal.
 The Richardson and Fite vacations always include good food!
I can't figure out how to turn this pic, but I'm holding a t-shirt that says:
"For Sale: Brother
comes with video games."
I thought it was pretty cute.

We had a great trip to the beach! My goal was spending a lot of time doing the above! Feet in the sand, listening to the waves crash, Sonic drink and Kindle in hand!

Thanks mom and dad for treating us to a beach trip to Galveston! It was a great time of fun and relaxation.

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