Monday, September 24, 2012

36 Weeks and Bunco Finale

This picture was taken at 36.5 weeks. This is one of my favorite maternity dresses from Motherhood Maternity. I wish I would have purchased it sooner and plan to be able to wear it well into Fall even after Miss C arrives.

How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: baby is the size of a bowling ball and weighs about 6 pounds
Gender: It's a GIRL! Caroline Reese Fite
Maternity Clothes: yes
Weight gain: 35 pounds
Movement: Yes but decreased. She's running out of room. Movement feels like more of a sliding motion
Sleep: For the most part I'm still sleeping well. I am definitely zonked by the end of the day and I think with all of the running around I have been doing it helps me sleep.
Symptoms: I'm tired, but not exhausted. I have some at times severe hip flexor pain and pain in my mid back. I think it has to do with the weight of my belly pulling me forward. I'm trying to have good posture, but its getting tough! I'm hoping the hip pain means little miss is moving into the right position!  I do not believe that I have had any Braxton Hicks contractions.
Cravings: None really. I just feel like I eat ALL the time.
Best moment this week: Husband surprised me with a beautiful Pandora bracelet. He picked it and 3 charms out all by himself. A turtle (DZ mascot), a cross, and a "C."
This week at the Dr: I'm adding this part since I started weekly Dr visits this week. When "checked" I had not dilated or effaced at all. I wasn't all that surprised since I don't feel like my body is ready to have a baby. I know a lot of people are miserable at this point, but fortunately I'm still feeling great and honestly feel like I'm finally used to being pregnant, ha! I haven't had any contractions like some of my other pregnant friends so I wasn't surprised when Dr. H didn't send me to labor and delivery. :)  Hilariously enough, I was actually asking for her permission for a little "unplanned travel" that I did. It was only to Springfield but I had planned to quit traveling more than 30 minutes from home the week previous. The trip was sort of work related... but something else too that I'll share later. I never want to forget that I made this "trip" at 36 weeks preg.

A fun belly pic of husband.  He's put on a few pregnancy pounds too thanks to our increase in eating out, high fat dinners, and lack thereof of the gym. I'm looking forward to getting our walking schedule back to normal this week since I'm no longer traveling and getting back to the gym asap.

In May, I decided I was going to stop "talking" about hosting a Bunco group, and get serious about doing it. I have 5 close college girlfriends that have relocated to NWA in the last year, plus ladies from small group/church that were all interested in playing Bunco. I was nervous to organize since I was the only common denominator between 12 ladies and I had never played before, but decided to commit to hosting a summer Bunco group. I'm so glad I did because we had 4 months of TOO much fun. I had actually only planned to host 3 months, but we decided to continue in September. Obviously, I could not commit to hosting in Oct with the arrival of a new family member, but another girl picked it up for at least another month. It was a blast introducing "old" friends to "new" ones and the way that everyone just meshed together.
Gus, of course, was a part of every Bunco night. 
Jill, Jessica, Heather, and Katie
In September, the weather was finally cool enough that we were able to play outside on our gorgeous new patio/deck that I have GOT to do a blog post on! It's our most recent DIY and its fantastic.

Jessica was HOT with 2 BIG Buncos. FYI Bunco is the easiest game ever. Dont stress if you get invited to play and have not ever done so. 

Nicole, Kait, Britney, and Jessica

Becca handing out the winnings. We played for cash each time which was way fun.
Jessica celebrating her big win of the night... 3 big buncos!

Our group pic for Sept Bunco. We usually played with 12 but played with 8 this last time. We had a blast over the last 4 months and I so enjoyed hosting.  I can't believe I didn't take pictures of all of the delicious food that we had each time!

I can't believe the time is near for Caroline to arrive. I remember thinking that the "weekly appointments" meant the time was very near. It's also weird that  2/4 couples in our birthing class have had their babies already (both due after us) and my friends Ally and Molly who were due just 1 and 2 weeks ahead of me are scheduled to have their babies this week too! I'm still not quite "physically" ready for Caroline to come, but plan to get some things finished up this weekend... i.e. nursery, packing, cleaning up my work stuff out of the car, install car seat and a few other things. I am looking forward to working strictly from home starting Oct 1 until she comes and taking it "easy" for the first time in a long time. I've been doing a lot of travel and a lot of working because work is crazy busy (which is good for business!) but I'm glad for the suggestions from my managers to  I think I will happily take their advice.

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