Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven Months

Sweet Caroline is SEVEN months old! I just keep thinking that every month, every milestone is the best and that she cant possibly get any more fun! She is the sweetest thing and it amazes me how I really do love her more every day.


~ you are very happy. You still only get fussy when you are tired
~you eat 25 oz of formula a day and 2 sittings of baby food (usually breakfast and dinner with a snack at lunch)
~ you take 3 naps a day. 9 am (1 hour), 1:00 (3 hours) and 6 pm (30 mins)
~ mommy went on her first work trip last week.  I was away from you for 3 days/2 nights and I couldn't wait to get home to you! Luckily with my new job I've been able to be home with you every day
~ You have really started babbling and have said "mama" "dada" and "baba" a couple of times after we say it, but nothing on your own
~ you sit up really well and it wont be long before you are crawling (probably sooner if I wouldn't carry you around all the time.)
~ you love to blow raspberries
~ you are not afraid of people and will go to anyone
~ You started going to the nursery at 5 months, but went to your first FNO this past Friday night. You did fine until the last 30 minutes and then apparently you had a meltdown.
~You are wearing 6 month clothes and can still wear a few 0-3 dresses. Almost all of your shoes are newborn.
~ We're so thankful for you. You truly bring us so much JOY!

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