Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Things I love Friday

Lee is doing well, he is still at Baptist Rehab Institute. We are hoping that he will get to come home by the middle of next week.  I'm excited to go to Benton next Friday and "Lee-sit" while my mom goes to California to see her sister.

It's been a rough week- but God is good. Sometimes it's hard to see how wonderful His grace really is. I can remember getting up early one day and thinking... "I can't do this today." The thing was... I couldn't... but through Him I can do all things! I prayed God would give me the strength and He did.

On a much lighter note... there are some things I am loving right now...
1. My Daniel Bible Study- by Beth Moore
Daniel: Lives of Integrity Words of Prophecy,  Member Book
A group of about 13 ladies meets at my house on Thursday nights at 7. It's a 13 week study and we just finished the 6th week. The book of Daniel is amazing! It's full of life application as well as prophesy of end time events.

2. PiYo Class
Adam and I joined a gym a couple of months ago. We've both been doing great about being in the gym 3-4 days a week. I love to go to the classes and one of my favorites is Piyo. It's a mix between Pilates and Yoga.

3. Shellac polish

I love this polish! I've had my current color on for 2.5 weeks! Other than my nails growing out a little, the polish looks great and isn't chipped or dull one bit!

4. My new fall boots from Bakers. Luuuurve! It's finally fall yall!
5. This new boutique opened up in Rogers recently and they have the cutest stuff! They have clothes as well as gifts. The store has Christian owners and supports many philanthropic products in their store like TOMS shoes and scarves handmade by women in Africa that when you buy the bulk of the proceeds go directly back to them.

I know that most of these things are superficial, but I'm so thankful that God gives us things in life to enjoy!

Happy Friday and Happy Fall!

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