Monday, October 10, 2011

God is Good

On Wednesday, October 5th my sweet baby brother (who is 19- but still a baby) was in a car wreck less than 2 miles from my parent's house in Benton. He swerved to miss a car that was in his lane, and wrapped his truck around a tree. He is not lucky- but BLESSED to be alive and is recovering from a bruised spinal cord. Thankfully, no bones were broken and there was no head injury. He was med-flighted to UAMS and remains in the hospital.
Lee's truck. The window had to be busted out for them to get to him.

Lee is going to be ok. He will do therapy for the next few days before they release him to go home. We are so overwhelmed by God's grace and the wonderful people that He has put into our lives. My parent's friends and Lee's have been at the hospital all week. It's such a wonderful thing to know that people love your family and are praying for his recovery.

I thankfully have a job that is flexible and allows me to work remotely so I have been Lee- sitting for the last 2 days so that my parents can rest at home and start getting back to work. We've had wheelchair races, watched the Cards win, Rangers win, then Cards win again. We've talked a lot about life and reminisced about the "olden days" when we were kids. For being 6 years apart, we're extremely close. I love him SO much and I am so thankful for the time we've had together the last couple of days.

 People have brought all kinds of goodies to the hospital. A good family friends put together a basket with wrestling magazines, candy, and some "squeezies" so that Lee could keep up his upper body strength. It was kind of a joke... but Lee really liked them!
We love each other.

Wednesday night, before my mom called around midnight- we had just gone to bed and had been at small group Bible study. This week at church we have been talking about Matthew 6- specifically about worrying. vs.33-34 says that God will provide for our every need. It also says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I won't lie, when I got that phone call- I was worried. Adam and I prayed a lot that night and these verses were fresh on our mind. God has provided for our family this week and even if things had not gone as well as they have- I can trust that God's will is perfect. Everything- in time would have been ok had things been truly tragic if they were part of God's plan. I am giving Him praise for answering prayer and I am asking Him to help me not to worry and instead put my total faith and trust in Him!

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