Monday, April 9, 2012

He is Risen!

We've made a tradition of staying "home" for Easter weekend. Since we go home for every other holiday its nice to host Easter at our house. Adam's parents have come up the last 2 years and we always have a good time when they come to town. Mom and dad have yet to make it up for Easter- but I'm working on them for next year. With a grand baby on the way I doubt I have to beg any longer. :)

On Saturday the girls did some shopping and got pedicures while the boys played golf. We had lunch at Mermaids (my fav!) and I cooked dinner Saturday night. I cooked a yummy cheesy chicken lasagna recipe and strawberry cream pie out of my Southern Living Cookbook.

 Adam got his own dessert- mini bday cake from Ricks since he's crazy and wont eat strawberries!
My pretty table setting- Easter has been the only time in 2 years I have ever used my china!

 On Sunday we went to church together and I taught "Cross Kidz" at one of our church's SIX services! We had over 3,000 people at the Fayetteville campus alone. Church is certainly not about attendance, but I sure love the fact that that many people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ on this day and many accepted his grace and forgiveness for the first time! There were about 10 4th and 5th graders that gave their life to Christ during the hour we volunteered. It was awesome. I was really convicted to be that excited about the story of Christ and His resurrection EVERY Sunday- and not just Easter.
 Joodge and Baba.
Adam and I

After church, we of course ATE. (We love to eat and so do my in laws. :) ) We had brunch at Green House Grill- another one of my favorite eateries in town.

After Joodge and Baba went home, we went home to help Ryan and Sarah with their play gym for Payne.  I had the best job- entertaining P. We took Gus on a walk where we saw lots of caterpillars.
I sure love that sweet boy. I pray our baby is a sweet and affectionate as he.

Happy Easter, everyone! 

He's Alive!

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