Tuesday, April 17, 2012

shower power

On Friday we headed to Benton for a weekend of baby showers that I was hosting. We left early on Friday to make it to Saline County's gem... Larry's Pizza. If you are not familiar... please work that one into your bucket list. I had been craving it for months but they only have the "Piping Hot Pizza Parade" on Friday nights and we never make it in time... but this time... we did. And it was delicious. I will never reveal how many pieces of pizza I ate or how sick I was after. I plan to do a fun post soon about all of the things I miss/love about our "home town." Larry's will be near the top of the list!

Anywho... on Saturday I got up early to set up for the first of 2 showers I helped host. This one was at my home church for Kori and baby Anabella Grace. It was fun to get together with "the fab 5" and we managed to throw a pretty amazing shower. Thank goodness for Pinterest... none of us used to have a crafty bone in our bodies! Here are a few pictures from the shower.
 J made the cake and do-nut tree. Both were awesome! The shower was Saturday morning so we had a brunch theme with the colors of Kori's nursery- grey, pink, and black. We also had quiche, fruit, and a biscuit bar.
 The spread.
 The fab 5... Thick as thieves since 6th grade!
 Adorable wreath made by B.
 The cute diaper bag that us girls got for K.
 Meg and I.
 Jessica asked us to be bridesmaids at the end of the shower. She made really cute invites and everything! Of course we all said yes!
 Kate, me, and mom. Isn't my mom pretty? 

On Sunday, I hosted shower #2 for my SIL, Kellie. Kellie is expecting her third child, a little girl in May. Kellie lives in Southeast Asia so we had the first ever "Skype baby Shower!" Kel got up at 3 am her time to join us via skype so she was able to visit with her guests and watch her mom open all of the gifts. It was a great time. 
 The table. Since Baby Girl Turner doesn't yet have a name we just went with a bright, springy decor.
 I hosted the shower with 2 of Kellie's cousins, Rebecca and Nikki.
 Rebecca got the cake and it was one of the best I've had! I wish this lady lived in NWA!
 Some shower guests "skyping" with Kellie.
Adam and Joodge served as parking attendants. We had quite the turnout so their help was appreciated!

Sunday also happened to be my birthday! I wouldn't have spent it any other way. I loved being surrounded by my friends and family all weekend. My only stipulation was Larry's pizza and that definitely came true!

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