Monday, April 30, 2012

a secret

Today we found out the gender of our baby. We finally decided yesterday that if she could tell today, we would find out. If there was any doubt- that we wouldn't find out until baby Fite arrived in October! Our ultrasound tech said she was 99% sure! We're elated and can't wait to share with our friends and family this weekend.

I should have thought things through a little better... we have to go SIX days keeping this secret to ourselves! Keeping the pregnancy a secret wasn't hard for me... we didn't tell ANYONE until almost 7 weeks. But this... this is hard! We're just so excited!

The doctor's appointment went great and the heartbeat was 152 (perfection!) I did some lab work too. The next appointment will be my "official" ultrasound appointment when Dr. H will look closely at all of the structures of our baby. I had actually lost a pound this time... I think this was a mistake! I treated my baby to some Rick's for an afternoon snack for cooperating for the ultrasound tech so I'm sure that pound got added back by evening. :)

I'll post Sunday evening after our reveal parties over the weekend. We're having lunch at my mom and dad's Saturday where we will tell our parents and grandparents- then Sunday night we're having a few friends over for dessert to tell them. I can't wait! I'll hopefully get some pictures up from our trip.... here's one of my favorites from the week.
Adam overlooking #9 on Pebble Beach. I know his back is turned... but that's because I could barely get him to look at the camera during his golf round! He was so excited to play Pebble and I had a blast watching him. Isn't that view breathtaking? I could most definitely get used to that!

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