Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beautiful Becca!

Becca is a sweet friend of mine from college. We attended the University of Central Arkansas together and Becca received her degree in Business Technology/Education. She is a first year teacher in Batesville AR and LOVES her job. Becca is originally from Monticello AR but attended high school in South Carolina.

Becca is seriously beautiful. She is the middle of 3 sisters. Becca is very family oriented and her 2 nephews are the loves of her life. Becca loves Jesus with all of her heart and she is looking for a man to live life and worship Jesus with her.
Becca is the one on the RIGHT. Please email me, Heather, her bestest friend at and I will tell you more about Becca!

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  1. Check out my brother. He lives in Fayettville, but we are from Mountain Home...neither is "too" far from Batesville! ;)

    (By the way, are you a DZ? I noticed you are following the blog re: Elizabeth...I am a DZ and have been following that too.)