Thursday, January 20, 2011

My friend Brittany

I am linking up this week to Kelly's Korner and she is doing a super fun "post your single friends" day. Kelly did this this summer and 3 couples ended up getting together and 2 are engaged! I wanted to post about my best friend from high school, Brittany then- and just didnt get the chance. But now is that chance!

Brittany is a sweet, passionate, beautiful girl in her mid 20's. She lives in Central Arkansas (20 minutes from Little Rock). She loves Jesus, her sweet 2 year old niece, volunteering in her church and community, Razorbacks, and nights out with the girls. Brittany comes from a large family and is the second of 4 children.

Brittany attended college at Arkansas Tech and got her degree in Early Childhood Education. She loves her job as a Child Development Specialist for Civitan.
For more information email Heather, her very best friend at

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