Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Fun Weekend

This past week we had our first "real" snow in Northwest Arkansas for the year. We had about 5 inches and it was beautiful! The snow was enough to get all of my friends out of school/work for the day... but working from home does not allow for missed work because inability to get to work! Ha! Don't get me wrong- I am so thankful for my opportunity to work from home. It is such a luxury that I am so blessed to have. But let me tell you I was wanting a day to play, BAD!

Here is our back yard... so pretty!

Gussy getting ready to come in after he played. He LOVED the snow!
First snow in our new home!
(this was later that afternoon when most of it had already melted.)
After work I went across the street to Sarah's house. Sarah and Ally had the day off and spent it doing fun snow day things like crafting and baking! I went over just in time to help them finish this...
And by helped I mean cheered them on while they decorated! I also offered to eat some to make sure it was fit to eat.  I love these sweet girls. Our husbands all work together at Acumen. We cooked dinner together and it was ready just in time when the boys got home. Our other friend's Tiffany and Neil came over and we enjoyed dinner together and then a mad round of NERTS, our favorite card game.

On Saturday we slept in and I cooked a big ole' breakfast including our fave, chocolate chip pancakes. (I had a VERY small one due to my Weight Watchers commitment, UGH! That's a whole other post!) Adam went to the library ALL day to work on school while I cleaned the house like a mad woman. THEN, just when I thought we were going to have a boring night in... my mom called and said that she and my dad were on their way to visit! I was so happy since we hadn't seen them in a month and probably won't see them for a while due to them visiting my brother at college most weekends this semester to watch him play baseball. I love my parents so very much. They are a ton of fun! We were also glad they got to visit our new church that we helped to plant.

 My sweet mom and dad and their 14 year old doggy, Molly!
 Me and Pops.
 Daddy, me and his only grandchild!
 We also have a new family member, Fifi. My dad pretends he doesn't like cats but really he does.
 My hot mama.
I taught mom how to pose with her hand on her hip and how it makes you look thinner. Dad said he didn't agree.

We had a great weekend. I get sad every time they leave. Sometimes I hate we live so far away from them, but I'm sure glad we are able to see both of our parents as often as we do.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. ;)

    I love the last picture! :) Too funny!

  2. I love your new blog look! Abby wants a cat so bad. She would love Fifi!

  3. @ Shannon- Thank you! Im excited about your give away!

    @Rebecca- you should get a cat! They are fun and keep away mice and snakes!