Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jessica, Pharm D ~ My Sweet Friend

Jessica is my sweet friend from college at the University of Central Arkansas. She is now attending UAMS and in her 3rd year of Pharmacy School. The love of Jessica's life is her sweet doggy, Ellie. She is an only child and originally is from Fort Smith/Greenwood Arkansas. 

Jessica loves to run and is currently training for her second half marathon!  She has an amazing sense of humor and while she is serious about succeeding in life, she never takes it too seriously.

Jessica is 24 and currently lives in Little Rock AR.

If you would like to know more about Jessica, please email me at


  1. Great post! Check out my friend Trey!! :

  2. I have a perfect brother-in-law, Ben. He just turned 24 and lives in Little Rock. He was a biology major and works for Stryker. Smart, funny, sweet, and super athletic. He loves music, movies, and adventure. He travels all the time. He's seriously a great catch! Email me at anna.hornbeck@ if she's interested.